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Happy I

Br'er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W....
Br'er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W. Kemble from The Tar-Baby, by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I titled this article “Happy I” because I may write Happy II, Happy III, etc. “How to be happy” is a search occurring 55,600,000 times each month on Google. In understatement, it seems many want to be happier.

Something’s Gotta Give

2012, a number 5 year, brings forward issues and opportunities around freedom, of casting aside the structures that have limited our inspired vision. This is a year of possibility, of openness and adventure. Many of our mental structures are beginning to crumble, cracks are showing up in our emotional walls. Our immediate response is to try to shore those walls up again, but it doesn’t work, and this makes us unhappy. We feel stuck.

To reap the freedom and possibility of the number 5, we need to let go of what is holding us back. We need to allow ourselves to jump off our mental cliffs and fly like eagles; or to put it less dramatically, to move out of our comfort zones. Many of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. We are afraid to move forward, but if we stay where we are we’re stuck like Br’er Rabbit to the tar baby.

Personal Experience

Not surprisingly, I’ve been feeling hemmed in, fenced in, stuck, and tied down; uninterested, unenthusiastic, tired, and bored. I’m still functioning, still enjoying life somewhat, but missing out on real fulfillment. So I decided to let go; of what, I wasn’t sure. I turned the matter over to my spiritual guides, and things began to happen.

My behavior began to change from negative to positive with respect to certain fixed ideas. I was led to a chakra assessment online, and it was a doozy. I am using my crystals to balance and heal my chakras now, and my enthusiasm level is going up daily. I found a book in my library that I’ve had for a couple years but had never read. In it are questions that point like radar to the issues that hold the key to elevating my joy quotient. My answers astonished me. I didn’t realize I how trapped was in some of the old habits of my past.

Breaking Through

I want to share with you the insightful questions that jolted me out of my doldrums. They are from the book, “Quantum Success,” by Sandra Anne Taylor.

  1. Generally speaking, what are the things you’re most conscious of – that is, what do you tend to think about the most? Are you more conscious of what you have or what you lack?
  1. What’s your most important career goal? How much time do you spend each day consciously focusing on its success?
  1. What’s the most prevalent habit, pattern, or even addiction in your life? How much time do you spend each day engaging in this habit? How conscious of it are you when you’re not doing it?
  1. Do you tend to focus more on the positives of your day or the problems that come up? Does your thought process tend to be more negative or positive?

What will your answers reveal to you?

Transformation and Possibility

The cliché is true: happiness is an inside job. Feelings like being stuck, depressed, discouraged, etc., are not bad things. They tell us that something is wrong inside ourselves and that we have the power to change. We have a choice to remain where we are or take the leap into a new way of living.

Everyone has his/her own answers. If you are experiencing symptoms of stuckness, you may want to consider turning your frustration over to your spiritual Source. How exciting it could be to allow new perspectives to unfold, in the perfect way for you, according to your highest good.

Now that I’ve gotten a start, I’m looking forward to experiencing more freedom and possibility in my life as I clear out the obstacles to my success. The most astounding revelation for me is that, as I pursue this healing path, I am led to live my purpose in deeper and more exciting ways than I can imagine.

Whatever your path is, you can, too.

Live your purpose every day.

Finding Your Purpose Can Improve Your Health

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So many of us put our dreams on the back burner for the day when we will have time to get them out and play with them. Many put their dreams on the back burner because they seem impractical or because others have told us they are a waste of time. We have so many responsibilities, like earning a living, caring for family, getting an education, raising our children and so much more that indulging in our dreams often seems frivolous. We try to distract ourselves from endless routine with amusements that only temporarily satisfy us. Yet our lives can become boring, stale, dried-up emotional deserts if we deny our self-expression.

I used to be one of those who denied her dreams. I stopped telling people about my dreams because they would pooh-pooh and tell me I was silly. Eventually, I forgot about my dreams. Even though I am naturally optimistic and good-natured, my life became a chore and I became angry. I blamed others for my unhappiness, and I couldn’t seem to rid myself of a feeling of emptiness.

Eventually I discovered that I have the power to change my life. I reconnected with my dreams and felt as if I had come home. When I cast my Chaldean Soul Chart, I laughed and I cried. I was flooded with confidence. I had the proof that my dreams were not foolish, but were the very core of my life purpose. I was so excited. I felt like a child again.

Statistics show that people who live their purpose, who live their dreams, are healthier and live longer than people who do not. People who repress their self-expression have more stress in their lives, and stress causes the body to break down, cell by cell. By the time a repressed person reaches the age of 50, his or her body has endured so much stress that symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart trouble, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, and other symptoms begin to appear. It is proven that disease originates in the emotions long before it is expressed in the body.

How do we live our purpose when we have so many other things vying for our attention – when we have others who depend on us? How do successful people manage to become so successful? How do we know that we have an important purpose?

I believe we were all born to be successful and happy. Not only is it good for our health to be happy, it is good for all the people in our lives and all the people in the world. When we are happy, the world is a better place. Happiness raises the vibration of the whole planet. Happiness is one of the most powerful vibration-raisers there is.

Do you have a definite purpose in life? Yes, you do. There is something you do better than anyone else, something that is a benefit to others as well as to you. And it is something you love to do. It can be anything from gardening to playing basketball. Have you ever noticed that successful people are so enthusiastic about what they do they would never think of not doing it? I think we need to be more like them; to never think of not doing what we love to do. Are you feeling empty inside? Is there something missing in your life? Perhaps it is the dream you have forgotten or put away for later.

How do you live your purpose when you have so many responsibilities? One way is to make as much time as you can to do what you love to do. At first, it may be only a few minutes a day or maybe some time on the weekends. If you start, you will notice a difference in the way you feel about life. Once you begin, you can find ways to become more involved in your dream. You have the power to change your life.

Part of my purpose is to help people find their purpose and inspire them to live it. I love living my purpose. You will love living yours, too.

10 Ways to Know if You’re Living Your Purpose

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You don’t have to be aware of your purpose to know whether or not you are living it. Your inner self will tell you. If your inner feelings and thoughts pretty closely match your outer behavior, your life probably reflects your purpose. When you are following your feelings, you are living your purpose. (Anger, depression, hatred, and other negative emotions are not feelings). If you have dreams that have not moved off the back burner, chances are your life purpose needs some attention.

You know you are living your purpose if:

1.   You are stress-free most of the time.

2.   You have a job or career you love.

3.   You are optimistic.

4.   You enjoy life.

5.   You feel fulfilled.

6.   You feel relaxed, yet alert most of the time.

7.   You are excited about your life.

8.   You have love in your life.

9.   You have good health.

10.    You are happy with your lifestyle.

We all know what we are here for, but most of us have forgotten how to access our inner knowledge, where our answers are. Many of us ignore our inner selves because of outside considerations like supporting a family, career advancement, raising our children, caring for older parents, and the concerns of daily life. While these are important considerations, they can be sources of anxiety and ill health if you are lacking fulfillment in your life.

If you take a few minutes every day to listen to your inner self, you will discover more about who you are. You will be calmer, and your life will be calmer. Forgotten memories, familiar feelings will emerge that will ignite the old inner spark of enthusiasm that was somehow snuffed out long ago. You will begin to pursue the things that excite you, that open up new horizons. You will be happier, and happiness is the gauge that tells you how close you are to living your purpose.

Pain Can Be A Good Thing

Cover of "Help!: A Story of Friendship"
Cover of Help!: A Story of Friendship

Is your life everything you want it to be? Are you as happy, as successful as you want to be? Or is something missing? Are you spinning your wheels, immobilized by problems, frustrated, fed up? Lost your enthusiasm, your joy, your confidence? Sometimes life is a downhill slide in the mud. I have come to believe when I get the dirty end of the stick, it’s time for me to grow again. Not always the most pleasant experience in the world, but I’ve learned it teaches me how to create more of what I want in my life. Growing has become the only way for me to resolve my pain.

Personal growth is vital to our health and happiness. We need to be constantly evolving. We are not meant to settle, to stop where we are. When we stop growing, we get sick and unhappy. Let me tell you how personal growth has been essential to my happiness.

When I was a little kid, I was so happy to be alive, so enthusiastic about everything, so enchanted with the world. And then came, inevitably, life experiences that gradually shut me down. Over time, my enthusiasm dwindled, my joy quotient decreased, my attitude lost altitude, and I began to live in a perpetual state of stress. I ran into huge roadblocks and spent years hiding in the safety of blaming other people for my unhappiness.

At the same time, I had a passion for exploring human potential which, in the beginning, expressed itself as fascination with psychic ability. I read lots of books, and my high school girlfriends and I held séances and talked about ghosts and related phenomena at sleepovers. Even so, I kept my interest below the radar, since people were pretty touchy about that sort of thing. I ended up putting my passion on the back burner and focusing on the business of everyday living.

Eventually, I became so unhappy I began to have anxiety attacks and sought professional counseling. It was a scary and wonderful experience. I gained more self-awareness, learned coping skills, and had no more anxiety attacks. But there was still something missing. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was searching for myself. I wanted me back.

I continued to pursue my interest in human potential, which now included psychology in addition to metaphysics. Gradually I found the teachers who helped me transform my life. I gained a sense of direction and learned how to develop my passion for human potential into a career in which I could help others. I continued my own personal development through spiritual practice.

During my journey, I found it was pain that kept me moving toward personal transformation. Every time I paused on my path of enlightenment, my pain would eventually force me to take the next step. Gradually I took responsibility for my life, dropped the blame game, and began to create the life I had always wanted. I was empowered. Yowza! I discovered that I love to share what I learn. Yes!

I think there are many people who can identify with my story. We wander off our path and experience pain. We run from the pain until we can’t run anymore. My life changed when I decided to confront my pain.

One of the most helpful tools for personal growth I discovered was Chaldean numerology. I was amazed when I read my Chaldean Soul Chart to see my life right there in black and white. This chart told me so much about myself. It told me why I am the way I am, it showed me my life purpose, it gave me a blueprint for my direction, it showed me the potential in my future, that it’s OK to have challenges, and it revealed my talents and strengths. What could be better? Much of what I saw was confirmed by awareness I had had since childhood. I was excited again. My Chaldean Soul Chart showed me what I was meant to do with my life. It showed me the way to happiness and fulfillment. It gave me my identity back.

If you can relate to my experience, I invite you to bring your own Chaldean Soul Chart into your life by scheduling a session with me or by getting my book, which will show you how to calculate your own chart. You will be amazed to learn how powerful you are.