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Emotional Causes of Disease

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you know, I’ve said that all disease originates in the emotions and spirit. Today I found an article on the emotional causes of fibromyalgia that I want to share with you.

Even though I don’t have the disease, I’ve been experiencing muscle pain. When I read a certain passage in this article, I began to cry. For me, that’s a clue that there’s something coming forward I need to pay attention to. My emotional reaction pinpoints the issue for me.

I’m going through a major shift in consciousness right now that is bringing up issues which, I discovered through this article, are expressing through muscle pain. My body is speaking to me loud and clear.

After reading the article, I practiced some healing techniques that helped reduce the pain significantly. I will continue practicing self-healing until the pain is gone and I am free of the issues.

Maybe you are experiencing disease or physical discomfort right now. I invite you to  explore this concept of disease and see if you can relate to it as I do. I Googled “spiritual cause of fibromyalgia” and found several articles. Here is the link to the article that spoke most strongly to me http://www.askclaudia.com/emotional-causes-fibromyalgia.htm. Besides the information about fibromyalgia, there is a lot of information about emotions and disease and some emotional healing techniques you may want to try.

You may want to look up a different symptom.

If you experience an emotional reaction in your exploration such as sadness, tears, resistance, defensiveness, anger, or fear chances are you’ve found your source for healing. Your body is speaking to you loud and clear.

Here’s the good news; even though it’s no fun to face your emotional issues, there are so many resources for healing today that you won’t be in pain much longer if you use those resources.

More good news; disease or discomfort is not your fault. We all have emotional history that goes back in time as we know it for unknown numbers of years, centuries, or eons. That history is captured in the cells of our bodies in the form of cellular memory.

We handle challenging, painful experiences in the best way we know how. You’ve already done the best you know how in those experiences. Now you have the power to resolve painful cellular memories. You can choose to move forward and give yourself the gift of healing.

I hope you do.

Live your purpose every day.

How to Instantly Relax, Calm Down, and Clear Your Mind

Beautyretusche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day a reader asked a question on my post Psychic Ability – The Gift of Feeling  that many others have on their minds. She is so sensitive to other people’s feelings that sometimes she can’t function in her daily life, and she wanted to know how to overcome her debilitating situation.

I could empathize with her because I used to have the same issue. I shared a couple of powerful energy clearing techniques with her, which will solve the immediate problem, but there’s so much more to this question and not enough room to discuss it in a blog comment that I decided to share with you in a blog post how I learned to live in my own energy without sacrificing my sensitivity.

This post is a long one because I have included step-by-step processes that will help you relax, calm down, and clear your mind. So hang in there with me.

The Human Energy Field

This issue really starts with the cosmic soup of energy we live in. Thoughts are things, and we are constantly bombarded with thoughts and impressions from outside ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s 24/7, no exaggeration. We are two-way radios, constantly sending and receiving signals. We are never unplugged.

Every living thing has an electromagnetic field which penetrates and surrounds it. In humans, it’s called the human energy field. The human energy field is the life force that holds the cells of our bodies together. Without it, we would be corpses. Here is a good description of the human energy field, also called the aura, from reiki-for-holistic-health.com.

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.


The Human Energy Field [is] a collection of electro – magnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through and emit or exit from the physical body of a living person. These particles of energy are suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field. This “auric egg” emits out from the body approximately 2-3 feet (1 metre on average) on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.

For more about the aura, to go http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/auracolormeanings.html

The aura, also called the biofield, is actually our soul energy and connects us to everything in the universe. It’s the medium through which we sense our environment. Everyone senses everything in their environment through their aura whether they are aware of it or not; the only difference between people is the degree of sensitivity.

People who are highly empathic are particularly sensitive to their environment. These are the ones who find it challenging to be in a crowd or to be in a negative environment because they pick up energy indiscriminantly. The good news is that we have the ability to manage our biofield energy. In fact, it’s very important to manage our biofield energy so that we can function free of outside influences and enjoy life more.

Personal Energy Management

There are familiar ways we all regulate our biofield energy, such as doing things that lift our spirits like watching funny movies, going out with friends, playing sports, etc. These are indirect methods of biofield energy management, and they are more directed at our moods.

Everybody knows that keeping our thoughts more positive than negative is a powerful way to regulate our energy. Prayer is another powerful way.

For some, managing thoughts is easier said than done. And sometimes even the strongest minds need something more. That’s where direct methods of energy management come in.

Direct methods obviously work directly with your energy field, either physically or mentally, and do more than change your mood. They affect both your biofield and your body. Whether we use direct or indirect methods, I call it Personal Energy Management, or P.E.M.

There are other good methods of direct energy management, but I have found the ones I’m going to share with you to be quicker and easier than most, once you learn them. You can actually do these techniques on the run, if necessary. It’s like instant P.E.M.

Protecting Your Space

The first thing you need to do is establish a psychic boundary between you and the rest of the world. I don’t mean you have to shut down your feelings, but create a space within and around yourself that will allow you to sense the feelings and thoughts of others without getting caught up in them. I’m going to share four ways I do this. I call them all Spiritual Cleansing. The first one is a physical process.

Spiritual Cleansing I

  • Standing up, rub your hands together until they feel warm or until they tingle or feel like magnets when you hold the palms about an inch apart. This means your biofield is charged up and ready to work with.
  • Bring your hands to your forehead and pass them down over your temples and jaw line.
  • Then shake them to keep your biofield energy going.
  • Now, starting at your forehead again, pass your hands over the top of your head and around the back of your neck and bring them to the front again.
  • Shake your hands again, and repeat the process until you feel balanced, starting with your forehead and jaw line once more. You can touch or not touch your skin. The process works either day.
  • As you are doing the physical process, you can repeat this mantra (or not): “In the name of (your word for the Creator) within me, I cleanse my body, I cleanse my soul.”
  • Do this entire process as many times as you need to until you sense that your energy is strong and clear.

You will know your energy is balanced and clear when you feel relaxed, when your skin feels tingly, or when you get chills or goose bumps.

You can do this process on the run (in a meeting, on the bus, at your desk, etc.) by rubbing the back of your neck or rubbing your forehead and mentally saying the mantra at the same time. Everyone does this naturally because subconsciously we know the back of the neck and the forehead are the points where our biofield energy enters the body and leaves the body. Running your hand through your hair is another way you automatically cleanse your biofield energy.

Spiritual Cleansing II and Variation

  • Visualize yourself doing Spiritual Cleansing I and repeating the mantra.
  • After you become familiar with the technique, just repeating the mantra either aloud or mentally will have the same effect as doing the physical process.

Spiritual Cleansing III

  • Imagine a tiny ball of white light in your solar plexus.
  • Allow the light to expand to fill your body.
  • Now imagine the light surrounding your body in a big, glowing ball of white light.
  • As you imagine the light filling and surrounding you, you can say, “I see the white light of the Loving Presence that fills me and surrounds me.”
  • You can use any color you are led to use.

Spiritual Cleansing IV

  • Say the following three times, aloud or mentally:
    • “I invoke the light of the Christ within (or your word for the Creator), I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.”

Each of these processes creates an invisible shield around you which allows you to sense your environment without becoming influenced by it. Each of them will produce physical effects, such as tingling, chills, or goose bumps.


If you have a dowsing rod(s), you can measure a friend’s biofield while s/he is doing these processes and have him/her measure yours. Have your friend focus on a negative thought, then measure his field by standing about 10 feet away and walking toward him with the rod(s). You will not get a measurement until you are about 12 inches or so from your friend. As your friend does the cleansing processes, you will see his aura projecting up to 10 feet from his body when you use the dowsing rod(s). It’s fun to see how powerful these processes are and to realize how much power we have to change our energy.

Spiritual Discipline

Cleansing is a spiritual discipline, and you will get out of it what you put into it. I recommend cleansing before you go to bed and when you get up, whenever you feel stressed or tired during the day, angry or upset, before a meeting, before and after work, and between tasks during the day. You’ll find countless ways you can use it in your everyday life. You can teach your children how to do it, too. Little kids love to do it.

You may feel the need to cleanse multiple times a day at first, but when you become skilled with these techniques, your energy will stay at higher levels longer and you won’t have to cleanse as often. Always look for the physical responses of chills, tingling, or goose bumps that confirm your energy is clear. It’s important for everyone to take charge of their energy. You don’t have to live your life at the mercy of your environment.

I hope you will try these techniques, and I’d love to receive your comments. Also, please share with us other ways you manage your personal energy. Knowledge is power!

Live your purpose every day.

Happy I

Br'er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W....
Br'er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W. Kemble from The Tar-Baby, by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I titled this article “Happy I” because I may write Happy II, Happy III, etc. “How to be happy” is a search occurring 55,600,000 times each month on Google. In understatement, it seems many want to be happier.

Something’s Gotta Give

2012, a number 5 year, brings forward issues and opportunities around freedom, of casting aside the structures that have limited our inspired vision. This is a year of possibility, of openness and adventure. Many of our mental structures are beginning to crumble, cracks are showing up in our emotional walls. Our immediate response is to try to shore those walls up again, but it doesn’t work, and this makes us unhappy. We feel stuck.

To reap the freedom and possibility of the number 5, we need to let go of what is holding us back. We need to allow ourselves to jump off our mental cliffs and fly like eagles; or to put it less dramatically, to move out of our comfort zones. Many of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. We are afraid to move forward, but if we stay where we are we’re stuck like Br’er Rabbit to the tar baby.

Personal Experience

Not surprisingly, I’ve been feeling hemmed in, fenced in, stuck, and tied down; uninterested, unenthusiastic, tired, and bored. I’m still functioning, still enjoying life somewhat, but missing out on real fulfillment. So I decided to let go; of what, I wasn’t sure. I turned the matter over to my spiritual guides, and things began to happen.

My behavior began to change from negative to positive with respect to certain fixed ideas. I was led to a chakra assessment online, and it was a doozy. I am using my crystals to balance and heal my chakras now, and my enthusiasm level is going up daily. I found a book in my library that I’ve had for a couple years but had never read. In it are questions that point like radar to the issues that hold the key to elevating my joy quotient. My answers astonished me. I didn’t realize I how trapped was in some of the old habits of my past.

Breaking Through

I want to share with you the insightful questions that jolted me out of my doldrums. They are from the book, “Quantum Success,” by Sandra Anne Taylor.

  1. Generally speaking, what are the things you’re most conscious of – that is, what do you tend to think about the most? Are you more conscious of what you have or what you lack?
  1. What’s your most important career goal? How much time do you spend each day consciously focusing on its success?
  1. What’s the most prevalent habit, pattern, or even addiction in your life? How much time do you spend each day engaging in this habit? How conscious of it are you when you’re not doing it?
  1. Do you tend to focus more on the positives of your day or the problems that come up? Does your thought process tend to be more negative or positive?

What will your answers reveal to you?

Transformation and Possibility

The cliché is true: happiness is an inside job. Feelings like being stuck, depressed, discouraged, etc., are not bad things. They tell us that something is wrong inside ourselves and that we have the power to change. We have a choice to remain where we are or take the leap into a new way of living.

Everyone has his/her own answers. If you are experiencing symptoms of stuckness, you may want to consider turning your frustration over to your spiritual Source. How exciting it could be to allow new perspectives to unfold, in the perfect way for you, according to your highest good.

Now that I’ve gotten a start, I’m looking forward to experiencing more freedom and possibility in my life as I clear out the obstacles to my success. The most astounding revelation for me is that, as I pursue this healing path, I am led to live my purpose in deeper and more exciting ways than I can imagine.

Whatever your path is, you can, too.

Live your purpose every day.

Outside Influence in Everyday Life

Outside influence is a common occurrence. It is not possession, but influence by confused entities who are attached to life in the physical realm. Everyone on earth has been influenced by confused, disembodied spirits. Some people go through their entire lives under the influence of confused souls and don’t even realize it.

Outside influence is so subtle we don’t recognize it. Spirit possession, in which a person is taken over by a negative entity, is rare. I know it’s difficult, and even frightening, to imagine oneself being influenced by confused entities, but if you think of discarnate souls as similar to yourself except for the physical body, it might be easier to see the possibilities. We are influenced every day by our friends, co-workers, and families. Influence by discarnate souls is different only in the sense that it comes from the spiritual realm.

How Does Outside Influence Happen?

Outside influence can be the result of attachments from past lives. In other cases, it occurs in traumatic circumstances, such as severe and prolonged illness, hospital stays, including operations, and traumatic accidents. Trauma such as rape can be influenced by discarnate spirits. Addiction is another situation that discarnate spirits attach to.

Discarnate entities can cause serious disruption of relationships, finances, and health. Outside influence can cause illness and accidents, as well. In the news recently was a story about twelve teen-age girls in New York State who are suffering from Touret’s-like symptoms. So far, the cause of these symptoms has not been determined. Environmental pollution and other factors are being explored. Perhaps as we become more open and less frightened of paranormal phenomena, exploration of spirit possession will be considered as a matter of course in situations like this. Freeing discarnate entities heals on many levels.

Mental hospitals are full of discarnate spirits. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is a Hawaiian psychologist and master teacher of ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing practice. During his time as a staff psychologist at Hawaii State Hospital in a high-security unit housing criminally insane patients, he used ho’oponopono to completely change the energy in the unit. Patients were transformed from violent, shackled men feared by staff members to individuals able to take responsibility for their actions and engage in useful activities. The quality of life for patients and staff shifted from custodial to caring. Family visits took place. Staff turnover decreased markedly.

This happened without Dr. Len’s presence in the ward and without therapy sessions with the men. Ho’oponopono healed the discarnate entities as well as the patients in the ward. You can read about Dr. Len’s fascinating experience in the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Dr. Len. You may also want to visit Dr. Len’s website.

What Are the Symptoms of Outside Influence?
Much of our mind chatter is due to influence from discarnate entities. We even have language that expresses the phenomenon of outside influence: “I’m just not myself today,” “I’m not quite here,” “That’s not like me,” “I don’t know what got into me.”

Symptoms of discarnate entity influence can be subtle or obvious. Any negative emotional state that one can’t seem to shake, such as anger, depression, anxiety, feeling unloved, isolated, or inferior can be due to outside influence. Thoughts that are not characteristic, such as thoughts of suicide or doing violence are often from outside influence. Cravings and obsessions can also be due to outside influence.

What Can We Do About Outside Influence?
Thoughts are things. It’s important to be aware of your thoughts and what they are doing to your quality of life. If one spends a great deal of time and energy in a negative state of mind, sooner or later s/he will attract a discarnate entity who is in the same state of mind. Then it becomes necessary to get help to free the unwanted entity. Our thoughts and beliefs are so powerful that they affect everything in our lives. Taking responsibility to change negative habits is the most important thing we can do to reduce the incidence of outside influence.

I encourage everyone to learn more about entity attachment in order to dispel the fear associated with it. If you Google “spirit releasement therapy” you will find good web sites with reliable information shared by professionals in the field. Any source that sensationalizes entity attachment is using it as a means to attract attention and is not a good source of reliable information.

Part of my mission is to show that the physical and spiritual realms are two sides of the same coin, and we live in both realms in every minute of every day. Consciously using all the potential we were born with can be an amazingly exciting adventure. I hope this series has been interesting and enlightening to you.

Live your purpose every day.

In A Rut

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Millions of people are overwhelmed with financial, relationship, career, and health challenges. They are stuck, frustrated, and exhausted. It’s hard for them to stay motivated. Maybe you are one of them.

Usually when you’re stuck, it means you’ve lost touch with who you are. What if you could learn a simple way to get back on the path you were meant for? The occult science of numerology can help you get out of your rut and make a new start.

A Brief History of Numerology

Let’s look at the word occult. It’s a simple word with a simple meaning: hidden. Profound and brilliant sciences, such as astrology and numerology, were developed thousands of years ago to empower people to be the best they could be. They were so effective that rulers took them away from the masses so they could establish undisputed control. They became hidden, or occult sciences, permitted only to the wealthy and powerful.

Eventually, these ancient sciences became a source of fear that continues to this day. For this reason, they have been largely overlooked as the practical tools they are for gaining fulfillment in life.

It is natural to fear what we don’t know. But learning about what we fear transforms our lives by freeing us to make more choices. I am very excited about re-introducing the ancient science of numerology to everyone who is searching for meaning in their life.

The Benefits of Numerology

Numerology is an ideal step toward self-realization. It provides the foundation upon which to build the life you’ve always wanted.

In about an hour you can rediscover who you are by learning simple calculations based on your birth name and birth date. Numerology shows you how to capitalize on your strengths and how to build strength from your challenges. Best of all, you learn that all it takes to be successful is to be yourself.

Anyone can use numerology. It works for people of every age and walk of life. Parents can use numerology to guide their children to become fulfilled, mature adults. It can help you resolve emotional issues, discover the right calling or profession, and gain insight into relationships, financial issues, and health issues.

I am privileged to help people start on the path to personal freedom by using this ancient science. I write about it to help change the perception of numerology from something fearful to a benefit full of possibility. One day this science will no longer be termed occult.

You were born with a convenient, easy-to-understand instruction book cleverly concealed in your birth name and birth date. As the saying goes, “When all else fails, read the instructions.”

Live your purpose every day.

Meaning of Life and the New Millennium

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I think many people would agree with me that life purpose is pretty important. I mean, if you’re going to be here on earth it’s most important to be doing what you were meant to do. If you’re not living your purpose, your soul is giving you clues. You’re yearning for something, searching; you feel empty inside. You may not know what it is, but you know there’s something missing. Maybe your job is making you miserable, or you’re having trouble in your relationships. Maybe you have health challenges or lack financial security. Your life reflects what you’re thinking about. You can tell what’s not working by the places where drama shows up in your life; by the things you worry about.

It’s no secret that we are affected by the planets; some obvious effects are the tides and the weather. It is also evident that our consciousness is affected. Time seems to be speeding up. Old routines and systems are coming apart. More and more people are thinking about their life purpose as the planets move into a unique alignment with the sun, which is on its way to alignment with the center of the Milky Way; a phenomenon which takes place only every 26,000 years.

Up to now, people have pretty much been living with what I call unresolved frustration. But, as this profound planetary alignment draws closer, more and more people are becoming aware of an inner knowing that things don’t have to be the same. There’s a sense of urgency for change, and people are looking for direction. Numerology is a practical tool anyone can use to help them take charge of their lives. Numerology guides you along a clear and specific path. Once you see your direction, you will discover many tools you can use to help and support you as you implement the life changes you want to make. By following your life purpose, you open up a world of endless possibility.

When I was starting out on my spiritual path, the subject of my life purpose was a major issue. Even though I was doing what I loved best – learning, and later teaching, about the mysteries of the human psyche, I wanted concrete evidence of my  purpose. The deeper I dove into my spirit, the more information I needed. I wanted specifics. Generalizations weren’t satisfactory (“Your purpose is to be happy.”) Yes, I agree, but how? What should I do? I wanted a clear picture, and I didn’t want to miss anything.

Then I discovered numerology; specifically, Chaldean numerology. And the lights came on. If you’ve ever driven through fog so thick you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you, hunched over the steering wheel, crawling along praying you won’t run into something ahead, and suddenly the fog lifts, you know what I mean. You relax, sit back in your seat, and breathe a sigh of relief. You drive on with confidence; you can finally see where you’re going. That’s how I felt.

I connected with my Chaldean Soul Chart like a ball hitting bells on a pinball machine. I found an identity I could identify with. I could see my future. I found so much more to appreciate in myself. How often do people come up to you and say, “I really think you’re perfect as you are?” That’s what you discover in your chart. And to think you created this perfection!

My Chaldean Soul Chart showed me all the issues that were tripping me up time and time again. I felt as if a heavy curtain had been parted. I saw specific challenges I could master. I was empowered. On top of that, I realized I could share this treasure with other people. I could help them find their purpose and discover more to love in themselves. I could help people live their lives in alignment with their spirit. I am excited about that.

So that’s why I’m sharing it with you. If you are yearning for something, chances are it’s your life purpose. Everything in your life hinges on your purpose. If your life isn’t going the way you want it to, it could be because you’re not fulfilling a part of the plan you designed for yourself. I invite you to purchase a copy of my e-book, “You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology,” and learn to create your own Chaldean Soul Chart. It’s only $2.99. Click the Lulu button on the right. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

If you are not inclined to create your own chart, I will do it for you. Email me at borntosucceed.go@gmail.com and we can arrange a private consultation.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”  ~Robert Byrne

Numerology in Everyday Life: The Power of Personal Years

Are you frustrated by your finances, your relationships, your career, or your health? You may be resisting a very important yearly cycle. Everyone starts a new year twice each year. The obvious one, of course, is on January 1. The other one is when your Personal Year begins on your birthday.

I’ve been off the radar screen for a few weeks untying some pretty intricate knots in my psyche. I’ve never experienced anything like it before; especially going into relative isolation as I did; and significantly, a month before a new Personal Year was to begin. Doubt and hesitation had been nagging me for a while. Then it seemed as if a wall suddenly rose in front of me and I couldn’t go forward. I was stopped in my tracks. Being the psychotherapist that I am, I recognized issues that needed to be dealt with, so I let go and followed my emotions.

What came forward for me were issues of trust and love. Thanks to guidance from spirit and some powerful self-healing techniques, I have come through a challenging time with a positive shift in consciousness. I feel clearer than ever; like a purifying light has been turned on inside me, and I’m happy to be in touch again.

I am now experiencing deeper levels of trust and faith (giving up control – ack!). I do not pretend that my adventure with trusting is easy. Sometimes it feels like walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls without a net. The opening of my heart has given me a deeper sense of calm and peace along with new levels of excitement and enthusiasm for life. I’m experiencing new levels of compassion, and I feel deeply connected with spirit, with humanity, and with myself.

Paying attention to my feelings has given me countless opportunities to become the person I was born to be. Like most of us, I have my share of limiting beliefs that hold me back. And, like most of us, I have resistance to dealing with the issues behind them. But when I allow myself to face and resolve the unpleasant emotions that come forward, I experience freedom. I actually breathe more freely and feel lighter.

I’m moving from a Number 4 year to a Number 5 year; from a quiet time of building a firm foundation, getting all my ducks in a row, to a year of change and activity. The transition from one year to another can be challenging because you’re influenced by two vibrations; the old one is fading out and the new one is moving in. Consequently, the two energies can combine to produce uncertainty.

Moving into a Number 5 year sometimes makes me feel insecure about the future, since there are changes coming, sometimes fast and unexpected. That’s when I know I need to be thinking thoughts of what I want instead of what I fear. The positive side of a Number 5 year is that energy is moving, and it is easier to launch new projects. A Number 4 year is not the ideal time to launch new projects. It is excellent, however, for reorganizing, systematizing, and developing discipline in order to be ready for the action and changes coming up.

During my last Number 5 year (9 years ago), I moved, started a new job, bought a new car, and began a new romance. The move was an unpleasant surprise and had to be done fast. The other events followed easily and naturally as the year unfolded. I had no idea any of these things would occur. That’s how a Number 5 year can be.

Everyone on earth is experiencing a personal year right now. Many people are just entering a new one. Personal years are important because they lead us step by step through important 9-year cycles called Pinnacles. Personal years present experiences that allow us to evolve; if we don’t evolve, we get stuck. Each year in the 9-year cycle creates a natural progression from beginning to end. Each cycle enables us to expand more deeply into our life purpose and rise to new levels of fulfillment.

If your year is turning out to be a bumpy one, you may be resisting its energy. It’s like swimming against a strong current; a lot of work for little advancement. If you are feeling impatient or bored with the pace of your life, you may be in a slower, quieter year. Understanding can help you use the energy in a positive way.

I think it would be fun to talk about your personal year. If you agree, leave your first name and your birth month and day (don’t need the year) as a comment to this post, and I’ll share with you the focus of your Personal Year. When you are in harmony with the energy of your Personal Year, you are creating the life you were meant to live. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Unexpected Events or The Vicissitudes of Life

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I missed a blog post last Friday. I lied on Facebook today – thought I got my Friday post in before my computer crashed, but I didn’t. My computer got infected by a virus – first time I’ve had that experience, so I thought I’d tell you the story of my angst and ultimate recovery.

When I received the messages of infection late Thursday night, I immediately went into panic mode. (Old habits die hard). There was a complication involving my telephone, which also was not working. I imagined the worst scenarios possible: lost a day of blogging – a disaster, my Internet days were over, all the work I’d done up to then was for nothing, how was I going to reach my Internet provider?, I was a failure. (We psychotherapists are human beings, after all.)

I can be quite the drama queen when I put my mind to it. My experience tells me it’s because I am a Gemini and my Life Purpose number is 3, both influences contributing to a tendency for rapid emotional slides up or down, depending on what’s happening in my life. Because I am aware of this, I have developed strategies to deal with it. These are implemented when I ultimately tire of the drama and decide I want to feel good again. High anxiety puts a heavy toll on the self.

I regained my sanity with a powerful healing process that enabled me to change my emotional state in a few seconds that night. Here’s how I learned it.

While listening to a webinar featuring Mary A. Hall on Jennifer McLean’s “Healing with the Masters” series a few weeks ago (www.bigbookofyoublog.com/healing-with-the-masters/living-abundantly-with-mary-a-hall/), I had a stunning experience. Mary’s amazing work is centered on the heart. She shared a meditation that opened up new levels of peace within me, and she said something so profound I will always remember it. As she led the meditation, guiding us to the physical spot where the heart center is located, she said something that gave me a startling new insight. She said there is no pain, no hurt, and no anxiety in the heart; there never was and there never will be. What is present in the heart center is love, all is well, it’s OK. I had never perceived the heart center in that way before. At that moment, I could feel the peace physically flowing through my body, relaxing all my muscles and infusing me with warmth. I felt a sense of complete acceptance of what is. And what a comfort to know that there is a calm, loving center within that I can go to whatever life offers me.

When I finally tuned in to my wonderful heart center last Thursday night, it told me everything was OK, no worries, all was well. At that moment I received a solution for the telephone problem and an elegant plan for the next three days which brought me fulfilling opportunities while my computer was being restored to health. My inner knowing told me everything would work out perfectly, and it did.

I focus on my heart center every day in meditation. I invite you to try it. I am grateful that I followed my intuition and tuned in to Mary’s session on the web that day. You can visit her website at http://www.healthandhealingconnections.com/About.htm.

10 Ways to Know if You’re Living Your Purpose

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You don’t have to be aware of your purpose to know whether or not you are living it. Your inner self will tell you. If your inner feelings and thoughts pretty closely match your outer behavior, your life probably reflects your purpose. When you are following your feelings, you are living your purpose. (Anger, depression, hatred, and other negative emotions are not feelings). If you have dreams that have not moved off the back burner, chances are your life purpose needs some attention.

You know you are living your purpose if:

1.   You are stress-free most of the time.

2.   You have a job or career you love.

3.   You are optimistic.

4.   You enjoy life.

5.   You feel fulfilled.

6.   You feel relaxed, yet alert most of the time.

7.   You are excited about your life.

8.   You have love in your life.

9.   You have good health.

10.    You are happy with your lifestyle.

We all know what we are here for, but most of us have forgotten how to access our inner knowledge, where our answers are. Many of us ignore our inner selves because of outside considerations like supporting a family, career advancement, raising our children, caring for older parents, and the concerns of daily life. While these are important considerations, they can be sources of anxiety and ill health if you are lacking fulfillment in your life.

If you take a few minutes every day to listen to your inner self, you will discover more about who you are. You will be calmer, and your life will be calmer. Forgotten memories, familiar feelings will emerge that will ignite the old inner spark of enthusiasm that was somehow snuffed out long ago. You will begin to pursue the things that excite you, that open up new horizons. You will be happier, and happiness is the gauge that tells you how close you are to living your purpose.

Pain Can Be A Good Thing

Cover of "Help!: A Story of Friendship"
Cover of Help!: A Story of Friendship

Is your life everything you want it to be? Are you as happy, as successful as you want to be? Or is something missing? Are you spinning your wheels, immobilized by problems, frustrated, fed up? Lost your enthusiasm, your joy, your confidence? Sometimes life is a downhill slide in the mud. I have come to believe when I get the dirty end of the stick, it’s time for me to grow again. Not always the most pleasant experience in the world, but I’ve learned it teaches me how to create more of what I want in my life. Growing has become the only way for me to resolve my pain.

Personal growth is vital to our health and happiness. We need to be constantly evolving. We are not meant to settle, to stop where we are. When we stop growing, we get sick and unhappy. Let me tell you how personal growth has been essential to my happiness.

When I was a little kid, I was so happy to be alive, so enthusiastic about everything, so enchanted with the world. And then came, inevitably, life experiences that gradually shut me down. Over time, my enthusiasm dwindled, my joy quotient decreased, my attitude lost altitude, and I began to live in a perpetual state of stress. I ran into huge roadblocks and spent years hiding in the safety of blaming other people for my unhappiness.

At the same time, I had a passion for exploring human potential which, in the beginning, expressed itself as fascination with psychic ability. I read lots of books, and my high school girlfriends and I held séances and talked about ghosts and related phenomena at sleepovers. Even so, I kept my interest below the radar, since people were pretty touchy about that sort of thing. I ended up putting my passion on the back burner and focusing on the business of everyday living.

Eventually, I became so unhappy I began to have anxiety attacks and sought professional counseling. It was a scary and wonderful experience. I gained more self-awareness, learned coping skills, and had no more anxiety attacks. But there was still something missing. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was searching for myself. I wanted me back.

I continued to pursue my interest in human potential, which now included psychology in addition to metaphysics. Gradually I found the teachers who helped me transform my life. I gained a sense of direction and learned how to develop my passion for human potential into a career in which I could help others. I continued my own personal development through spiritual practice.

During my journey, I found it was pain that kept me moving toward personal transformation. Every time I paused on my path of enlightenment, my pain would eventually force me to take the next step. Gradually I took responsibility for my life, dropped the blame game, and began to create the life I had always wanted. I was empowered. Yowza! I discovered that I love to share what I learn. Yes!

I think there are many people who can identify with my story. We wander off our path and experience pain. We run from the pain until we can’t run anymore. My life changed when I decided to confront my pain.

One of the most helpful tools for personal growth I discovered was Chaldean numerology. I was amazed when I read my Chaldean Soul Chart to see my life right there in black and white. This chart told me so much about myself. It told me why I am the way I am, it showed me my life purpose, it gave me a blueprint for my direction, it showed me the potential in my future, that it’s OK to have challenges, and it revealed my talents and strengths. What could be better? Much of what I saw was confirmed by awareness I had had since childhood. I was excited again. My Chaldean Soul Chart showed me what I was meant to do with my life. It showed me the way to happiness and fulfillment. It gave me my identity back.

If you can relate to my experience, I invite you to bring your own Chaldean Soul Chart into your life by scheduling a session with me or by getting my book, which will show you how to calculate your own chart. You will be amazed to learn how powerful you are.