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How to Trust Yourself, No Matter What

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A couple of weeks ago I had an expensive lesson in trusting myself. It is still playing like a movie in my mind. I see a big billboard with the words, TRUST YOURSELF!, in huge letters which consume its entire surface. I am through kicking myself about it and am now left with a dumb-struck sense of wonder at how I let it happen. I came to the conclusion that my spirit guides decided I needed a lesson I would never forget. Here’s what happened.

I was sitting in my car at a red light, peacefully waiting for it to change to green when the car behind me slammed into my car (whose name is Jane, by the way). Although the impact sent me ricocheting forward, then back, it was not enough to hurt me. Jane, however, suffered cosmetic and structural damage. She is at her spa right now, receiving treatment.

A few seconds after impact, before I had a chance to think about it, the driver of the other car was at my window saying that we should pull into a nearby side street so as not to block traffic. I knew this was a mistake, but as he pulled his car up beside mine, I followed him.

To make a long story short, I allowed him to take over the situation and ended up with nothing more than a name, address, and phone number taken from his strange-looking insurance card. After not hearing from his insurance company for several days, I contacted them and found out his insurance had expired several months ago.

I did some research and found that the phone number he gave me belongs to someone else, the address is not his, and his name is nowhere to be found. Clearly, the man is a phony. Now my insurance company is paying for the damage, I am paying the deductible, and I am grateful for the coverage.

My sense is that my insurance company will never find this man, but I could be wrong. What I am sure of is that, all through my exchange with this person, I knew he was lying and I didn’t challenge him.

I could blame Mercury, which was retrograde at the time; confused souls influencing me; lack of self-confidence; or all kinds of other things; but in spite of anything else, I knew. My inner knowing was right there, hollering at me, through the whole experience.

You have inner knowing, too. When it is hollering at you over the chaos of life, listen and act on it. Otherwise, you could have an expensive lesson, yourself.

Live your purpose every day.


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My computer is half-down. That is, it freezes up after accessing the Internet, but word processing works fine. Until I get it fixed, I will be accessing the Internet through alternative means (another computer). The weird thing is, this is happening on both my desktop and laptop. And my modem is working perfectly.

Oh well, nothing to do but learn from this. Hm. I was considering the life lesson(s) that may be in this as I watched the mouse arrow skipping, rather than gliding, across the screen, a signal that the computer was about to freeze up. The message that came to me was, “Start, stop – start, stop.” Could I be doing this in my life some way? Yes, I could, I thought. Starting new things is always exciting to me, but I tend to lose interest as soon as the newness wears off, or when I begin to doubt myself (all tendencies reflected in my Chaldean Soul Chart).

Another message came through as I contemplated the mouse’s arrow – “Focus.” I’ve been having challenges focusing lately. The message made perfect sense.

I now have two lessons to learn from this unpleasant surprise. More lessons may come forward as I explore these. I’ll keep you posted.

In former times, I would have been wringing my hands and loudly lamenting my bad luck. But I have gradually transformed issues connected to this type of situation and experienced the advantages of making other choices. Not easy, but the effort has paid off in undreamed-of ways.

Meanwhile, I may not respond immediately to your comments, but I will do my best to keep up with you. I hope all goes well with you and your computer, and thanks for your support.

Three Messages I’ll Never Forget

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Back at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I received some messages I will always remember. These messages came to me through my body. The first one involved my car. I had just arrived at a large conference of fellow spiritual seekers. I was new to this and felt nervous. I saw myself as the only inexperienced person there.

I must have parked my car on an incline, because when I opened the door it swung back toward me and caught my left foot, jamming it up against the body of the car. It hurt like crazy, and I pushed the door open fast. I looked down at my foot and watched it turn red and swell up, the pain increasing. I felt really stupid, and I started to get panicky, visualizing myself in pain and hobbling around on crutches for the whole conference. The stupider I felt, the more it hurt and the bigger it got.

Finally, I remembered something I had recently learned. There was a lesson in this. I forced myself to calm down, close my eyes, and clear. It wasn’t easy. Then I asked for a message. It came to me that I was judging myself as lesser than. I cleared again, opened my eyes, and watched the swelling go down completely in a matter of seconds and felt the pain disappear. You can bet my attitude was different after that!

Another message came from my nose. I had developed an allergy that kept it stuffed up all the time. I carried nasal spray around with me and used it often. One day as I was walking along and struggling to breathe, I got so mad I poured all my rage into the thought that I was completely fed up with this condition. It disappeared immediately and never came back again. Later I learned that the stuffy nose was about feeling unworthy.

The final experience that I’ll never forget was about quitting smoking. I was in a  challenging situation; newly divorced, taking care of my mother who was recovering from a stroke, and making sure my rebellious youngest sister graduated from high school in addition to taking care of my 3-year-old son. I was also working nights as a waitress, as well as attending my psychic development meetings once a week.

One day it came to me that it would be good to quit smoking. I dismissed the thought, but it kept coming back and wouldn’t go away. Finally, I meditated about it. I believe in guardian angels, and I told my team that I had too much stress in my life already and couldn’t take on any more. I told them if they could help me quit smoking, I would do it, but I couldn’t be stressed in any way by the process. And I forgot about it.

Over the next three months, I noticed changes in my attitude toward smoking. I discovered the reason I was smoking and made some attitude adjustments. By this time, the cigarettes tasted bad, but I kept on smoking. I noticed myself smoking fewer cigarettes per day and stopped buying them by the carton. One day as I reached for a cigarette, I looked at the almost-full pack, realized I didn’t want to smoke anymore, threw it away, and never wanted another one. It was a long time before I remembered the deal I made with my angels. I thanked them for helping me.

I’ve learned that messages come in all kinds of ways, at any time, under any circumstances. I’ve learned to regret ignoring them. I don’t love all the messages I receive, but I try to learn from all of them.