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Finding Your Purpose Can Improve Your Health

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So many of us put our dreams on the back burner for the day when we will have time to get them out and play with them. Many put their dreams on the back burner because they seem impractical or because others have told us they are a waste of time. We have so many responsibilities, like earning a living, caring for family, getting an education, raising our children and so much more that indulging in our dreams often seems frivolous. We try to distract ourselves from endless routine with amusements that only temporarily satisfy us. Yet our lives can become boring, stale, dried-up emotional deserts if we deny our self-expression.

I used to be one of those who denied her dreams. I stopped telling people about my dreams because they would pooh-pooh and tell me I was silly. Eventually, I forgot about my dreams. Even though I am naturally optimistic and good-natured, my life became a chore and I became angry. I blamed others for my unhappiness, and I couldn’t seem to rid myself of a feeling of emptiness.

Eventually I discovered that I have the power to change my life. I reconnected with my dreams and felt as if I had come home. When I cast my Chaldean Soul Chart, I laughed and I cried. I was flooded with confidence. I had the proof that my dreams were not foolish, but were the very core of my life purpose. I was so excited. I felt like a child again.

Statistics show that people who live their purpose, who live their dreams, are healthier and live longer than people who do not. People who repress their self-expression have more stress in their lives, and stress causes the body to break down, cell by cell. By the time a repressed person reaches the age of 50, his or her body has endured so much stress that symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart trouble, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, and other symptoms begin to appear. It is proven that disease originates in the emotions long before it is expressed in the body.

How do we live our purpose when we have so many other things vying for our attention – when we have others who depend on us? How do successful people manage to become so successful? How do we know that we have an important purpose?

I believe we were all born to be successful and happy. Not only is it good for our health to be happy, it is good for all the people in our lives and all the people in the world. When we are happy, the world is a better place. Happiness raises the vibration of the whole planet. Happiness is one of the most powerful vibration-raisers there is.

Do you have a definite purpose in life? Yes, you do. There is something you do better than anyone else, something that is a benefit to others as well as to you. And it is something you love to do. It can be anything from gardening to playing basketball. Have you ever noticed that successful people are so enthusiastic about what they do they would never think of not doing it? I think we need to be more like them; to never think of not doing what we love to do. Are you feeling empty inside? Is there something missing in your life? Perhaps it is the dream you have forgotten or put away for later.

How do you live your purpose when you have so many responsibilities? One way is to make as much time as you can to do what you love to do. At first, it may be only a few minutes a day or maybe some time on the weekends. If you start, you will notice a difference in the way you feel about life. Once you begin, you can find ways to become more involved in your dream. You have the power to change your life.

Part of my purpose is to help people find their purpose and inspire them to live it. I love living my purpose. You will love living yours, too.

Three Messages I’ll Never Forget

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Back at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I received some messages I will always remember. These messages came to me through my body. The first one involved my car. I had just arrived at a large conference of fellow spiritual seekers. I was new to this and felt nervous. I saw myself as the only inexperienced person there.

I must have parked my car on an incline, because when I opened the door it swung back toward me and caught my left foot, jamming it up against the body of the car. It hurt like crazy, and I pushed the door open fast. I looked down at my foot and watched it turn red and swell up, the pain increasing. I felt really stupid, and I started to get panicky, visualizing myself in pain and hobbling around on crutches for the whole conference. The stupider I felt, the more it hurt and the bigger it got.

Finally, I remembered something I had recently learned. There was a lesson in this. I forced myself to calm down, close my eyes, and clear. It wasn’t easy. Then I asked for a message. It came to me that I was judging myself as lesser than. I cleared again, opened my eyes, and watched the swelling go down completely in a matter of seconds and felt the pain disappear. You can bet my attitude was different after that!

Another message came from my nose. I had developed an allergy that kept it stuffed up all the time. I carried nasal spray around with me and used it often. One day as I was walking along and struggling to breathe, I got so mad I poured all my rage into the thought that I was completely fed up with this condition. It disappeared immediately and never came back again. Later I learned that the stuffy nose was about feeling unworthy.

The final experience that I’ll never forget was about quitting smoking. I was in a  challenging situation; newly divorced, taking care of my mother who was recovering from a stroke, and making sure my rebellious youngest sister graduated from high school in addition to taking care of my 3-year-old son. I was also working nights as a waitress, as well as attending my psychic development meetings once a week.

One day it came to me that it would be good to quit smoking. I dismissed the thought, but it kept coming back and wouldn’t go away. Finally, I meditated about it. I believe in guardian angels, and I told my team that I had too much stress in my life already and couldn’t take on any more. I told them if they could help me quit smoking, I would do it, but I couldn’t be stressed in any way by the process. And I forgot about it.

Over the next three months, I noticed changes in my attitude toward smoking. I discovered the reason I was smoking and made some attitude adjustments. By this time, the cigarettes tasted bad, but I kept on smoking. I noticed myself smoking fewer cigarettes per day and stopped buying them by the carton. One day as I reached for a cigarette, I looked at the almost-full pack, realized I didn’t want to smoke anymore, threw it away, and never wanted another one. It was a long time before I remembered the deal I made with my angels. I thanked them for helping me.

I’ve learned that messages come in all kinds of ways, at any time, under any circumstances. I’ve learned to regret ignoring them. I don’t love all the messages I receive, but I try to learn from all of them.

Psychic Etiquette

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As we learned growing up, it’s important to have good manners. One important reason for that is, it keeps us out of trouble. It is equally important to have good manners when we are involved in any kind of psychic or intuitive activity, such as meditation, developing our four psychic expressions, using a Ouija board (see my post on that one), or giving a psychic reading of any type. And, it’s an excellent way to be organized with your personal spiritual energy.

You are a bundle of electromagnetic energy. Every thought you think affects your electromagnetic energy. Your EM energy penetrates and surrounds your body in a bubble, and some people (Clairvoyant types) can easily see this energy in the form of an aura. The rest of us can learn to see auras, too.

When you are happy and relaxed, your aura can expand to 6 – 12 feet in diameter around you. When you are upset (angry, afraid, tense, stressed) your aura can shrink to within 6 inches or less of your body. When you are sick your aura shrinks, as well. When our auras shrink, we feel vulnerable. The size of the average aura (when you are feeling more or less neutral) is 2 – 3 feet. At http://www.kevinhogan.com/aura.htm, you can read about an experiment with auras.

There are two points to psychic etiquette. The first one is clarity. If you are confused, tired, upset, etc., you will not be able to pick up impressions accurately, and you may act on something in error. To receive clear impressions in meditation or while giving readings, your energy field must be clear.

There are different ways to clear your energy field. I’ll share with you the way I learned to do it. Sit comfortably with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose to relax yourself. Imagine that your body is filled with white light. Take your time. Now allow the white light to expand until it surrounds you in a ball of light. You can say something like, “In the name of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within me, I cleanse my body and I cleanse my soul,” or “I invoke the light of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within, I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Visualize the light and repeat the affirmation as many times at it takes to bring forward a feeling of relaxation and peace. By this time you will be feeling chills or tingling sensations. This is the indication I use to let me know that my energy is at its clearest possible point, and I proceed with meditation.

You can also use a physical process along with the mental. As you repeat the affirmation, you can rub your hands vigorously together and past them over your head and down the back of your neck. Then shake your hands and pass them over your head and the back of your neck again. Repeat the process until you feel at peace and a tingling sensation or chills. You can touch your head and neck or not, whichever you choose. It works both ways.

In addition to meditation, I use the clearing process before a business appointment, before I sit down at my computer to write, when I get upset, to clear my mind or sharpen my focus, after I’m through working at my computer and ready to move on to something else. I used to clear my energy before and after I saw each of my counseling clients. You can use it before you go to work in the morning or to clear your mind at work. You can use it when you leave work to make sure you don’t take work energy home with you. There are so many ways you can use the clearing process.

It is important to be deliberate with your energy. It is up to you to manage your energy. When something happens to upset you, you have the power to clear your energy and move on. You can teach others to monitor their own energy, too. Children like to do the physical process, and they appreciate the ability to be in charge of their energy.

The second point of psychic etiquette is, don’t be nosey. Everyone spontaneously picks up impressions from other people. But some people believe they can read minds and are tempted to try. If you go spying on someone else, like trying to read their mind or trying to make them do what you want them to do, you will be inviting trouble. Each one of us has subconscious boundaries; our privacy settings are pretty high. Being nosey with your psychic senses only causes other people to automatically reinforce their subconscious boundaries and, consequently, causes confusion in you. So don’t even bother; you’re wasting your time.

When you are doing a reading for someone, you have their permission to enter their energy field. This is the only time it is ethical to do so. By the way, if you clear your energy before receiving a psychic reading, you will make it easier for the reader to help you. Many readers ask you to do this. If you sense that the reader is tired or stressed, you may want to reschedule your appointment because the reader won’t be clear enough to give you an accurate reading.

I hope this article is helpful to you, and I’m excited to hear about your experiences with the clearing process. I would love to hear from those of you who use other clearing processes, as well.

How Important Is Your Name?

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It’s more important than you might think. Because of the way our universe is set up, every sound, every thought, is broadcast into infinity. Every time you or someone else says your name, every time you sign your name, its vibrational energy is broadcast throughout the universe. It is part of your spiritual identity and takes up space just as your body does, but not in the same way. Your birth name is your spiritual fingerprint. That’s why numerologists require your name as it appears on your birth certificate, even if misspelled, in order to cast an accurate profile.

 What about name changes and nicknames?

If you change your name, assume a nickname that becomes your main identifier, or if you take your spouse’s name when you get married, the new vibration has an influence on your life. The new name acts as an overlay on your birth name. It’s important that the energy of the overlay be harmonious with your spiritual fingerprint.

I had a couple of clients who illustrate this perfectly. They both changed their names because they didn’t like the ones they were given at birth. Neither one knew anything about numerology when they did this. One client was very unhappy with her life. When I discovered that she had changed her name, I calculated both names and found that her new name was in opposition to her birth name, aggravating her challenges and sapping her strengths. I helped her create a harmonious relationship between her two names just by changing the spelling of her new name. Another client who had changed her name had the opposite result. She had chosen a name that was in harmony with her birth name. Instead of adding more challenges to her life, her new name strengthened her.

I love to read biographies because I learn so much about people (including myself). I always calculate the numbers of especially intriguing and influential people I read about. When I learned from his biography that President Clinton had changed his name as a boy, I just had to calculate both his names. What I found is a clear example of the power of a name.

Bill Clinton’s Name Change

It’s easy to see, in the numbers of his birth name (William Jefferson Blythe III), the enormous charisma, intelligence, and brilliance of the man. There are two Master numbers in the core-number section of his chart. It is rare to find one Master number in a profile, let alone two. Master numbers are not about life being handed to someone on a silver platter. People with Master numbers possess a high level of intensity in the quality the number represents and a responsibility to use this quality for the higher good. I see Master numbers as another level of expression in the journey of life, and they can be as challenging as any other number. The two remaining numbers in this section show Clinton’s genuine love of people and his innate ability to relate to everyone he meets. His core numbers explain why others find him so extremely charming. His high level of sexuality is also evident in his core numbers.

Something else I see even more rarely than Master numbers is a lack of unfinished business. Unfinished business comes from an unwillingness to resolve challenges from former lives. They act as additional challenges in the present life. William Jefferson Blythe III is one of the few to come into this world with no unfinished business.

Looking at his name change (William Jefferson Clinton), I find that the qualities of warmth and inspiration in his birth name are overlaid with a need for power and a tendency toward willfulness and arrogance. These same influences leave him chasing, chasing, chasing, feeling that he can never do enough, get enough, be enough. There is a quality of distance between himself and others that makes it easy for him to dominate whenever he wants to. These core numbers influence him to be self indulgent and to take the easy way out when he gets into trouble. I can see some of these qualities in the chart of his birth name, but they are in secondary positions and could be less intrusive in his life without the name change influences. A quality in the core numbers of his birth name that could mitigate these imbalances is missing in his name change. It is the quality of introspection, seeking truth, connecting with spirit that could help him become more balanced, mature, and fulfilled. Bill Clinton’s name change gives him negative qualities that aggravate his challenges, such as opportunism, lack of responsibility, and dishonesty.

Bill’s profile is strongly compatible with Hillary’s, especially his name change profile. They are both pioneers focused on leadership and inspiration, which makes it hard to get along with each other when they are out of balance. Neither one is a stabilizing influence on the other. Both are idealistic with a strong desire to be of service to humanity. However, they need a stabilizing influence to keep them from indulging in excessive behavior that results in doing more harm than good.

I’ve enjoyed sharing this with you, and I hope you have gained from it, as well. Make it a great day.