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Happy I

Br'er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W....
Br'er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W. Kemble from The Tar-Baby, by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I titled this article “Happy I” because I may write Happy II, Happy III, etc. “How to be happy” is a search occurring 55,600,000 times each month on Google. In understatement, it seems many want to be happier.

Something’s Gotta Give

2012, a number 5 year, brings forward issues and opportunities around freedom, of casting aside the structures that have limited our inspired vision. This is a year of possibility, of openness and adventure. Many of our mental structures are beginning to crumble, cracks are showing up in our emotional walls. Our immediate response is to try to shore those walls up again, but it doesn’t work, and this makes us unhappy. We feel stuck.

To reap the freedom and possibility of the number 5, we need to let go of what is holding us back. We need to allow ourselves to jump off our mental cliffs and fly like eagles; or to put it less dramatically, to move out of our comfort zones. Many of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. We are afraid to move forward, but if we stay where we are we’re stuck like Br’er Rabbit to the tar baby.

Personal Experience

Not surprisingly, I’ve been feeling hemmed in, fenced in, stuck, and tied down; uninterested, unenthusiastic, tired, and bored. I’m still functioning, still enjoying life somewhat, but missing out on real fulfillment. So I decided to let go; of what, I wasn’t sure. I turned the matter over to my spiritual guides, and things began to happen.

My behavior began to change from negative to positive with respect to certain fixed ideas. I was led to a chakra assessment online, and it was a doozy. I am using my crystals to balance and heal my chakras now, and my enthusiasm level is going up daily. I found a book in my library that I’ve had for a couple years but had never read. In it are questions that point like radar to the issues that hold the key to elevating my joy quotient. My answers astonished me. I didn’t realize I how trapped was in some of the old habits of my past.

Breaking Through

I want to share with you the insightful questions that jolted me out of my doldrums. They are from the book, “Quantum Success,” by Sandra Anne Taylor.

  1. Generally speaking, what are the things you’re most conscious of – that is, what do you tend to think about the most? Are you more conscious of what you have or what you lack?
  1. What’s your most important career goal? How much time do you spend each day consciously focusing on its success?
  1. What’s the most prevalent habit, pattern, or even addiction in your life? How much time do you spend each day engaging in this habit? How conscious of it are you when you’re not doing it?
  1. Do you tend to focus more on the positives of your day or the problems that come up? Does your thought process tend to be more negative or positive?

What will your answers reveal to you?

Transformation and Possibility

The cliché is true: happiness is an inside job. Feelings like being stuck, depressed, discouraged, etc., are not bad things. They tell us that something is wrong inside ourselves and that we have the power to change. We have a choice to remain where we are or take the leap into a new way of living.

Everyone has his/her own answers. If you are experiencing symptoms of stuckness, you may want to consider turning your frustration over to your spiritual Source. How exciting it could be to allow new perspectives to unfold, in the perfect way for you, according to your highest good.

Now that I’ve gotten a start, I’m looking forward to experiencing more freedom and possibility in my life as I clear out the obstacles to my success. The most astounding revelation for me is that, as I pursue this healing path, I am led to live my purpose in deeper and more exciting ways than I can imagine.

Whatever your path is, you can, too.

Live your purpose every day.

Outside Influence in Everyday Life

Outside influence is a common occurrence. It is not possession, but influence by confused entities who are attached to life in the physical realm. Everyone on earth has been influenced by confused, disembodied spirits. Some people go through their entire lives under the influence of confused souls and don’t even realize it.

Outside influence is so subtle we don’t recognize it. Spirit possession, in which a person is taken over by a negative entity, is rare. I know it’s difficult, and even frightening, to imagine oneself being influenced by confused entities, but if you think of discarnate souls as similar to yourself except for the physical body, it might be easier to see the possibilities. We are influenced every day by our friends, co-workers, and families. Influence by discarnate souls is different only in the sense that it comes from the spiritual realm.

How Does Outside Influence Happen?

Outside influence can be the result of attachments from past lives. In other cases, it occurs in traumatic circumstances, such as severe and prolonged illness, hospital stays, including operations, and traumatic accidents. Trauma such as rape can be influenced by discarnate spirits. Addiction is another situation that discarnate spirits attach to.

Discarnate entities can cause serious disruption of relationships, finances, and health. Outside influence can cause illness and accidents, as well. In the news recently was a story about twelve teen-age girls in New York State who are suffering from Touret’s-like symptoms. So far, the cause of these symptoms has not been determined. Environmental pollution and other factors are being explored. Perhaps as we become more open and less frightened of paranormal phenomena, exploration of spirit possession will be considered as a matter of course in situations like this. Freeing discarnate entities heals on many levels.

Mental hospitals are full of discarnate spirits. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is a Hawaiian psychologist and master teacher of ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing practice. During his time as a staff psychologist at Hawaii State Hospital in a high-security unit housing criminally insane patients, he used ho’oponopono to completely change the energy in the unit. Patients were transformed from violent, shackled men feared by staff members to individuals able to take responsibility for their actions and engage in useful activities. The quality of life for patients and staff shifted from custodial to caring. Family visits took place. Staff turnover decreased markedly.

This happened without Dr. Len’s presence in the ward and without therapy sessions with the men. Ho’oponopono healed the discarnate entities as well as the patients in the ward. You can read about Dr. Len’s fascinating experience in the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Dr. Len. You may also want to visit Dr. Len’s website.

What Are the Symptoms of Outside Influence?
Much of our mind chatter is due to influence from discarnate entities. We even have language that expresses the phenomenon of outside influence: “I’m just not myself today,” “I’m not quite here,” “That’s not like me,” “I don’t know what got into me.”

Symptoms of discarnate entity influence can be subtle or obvious. Any negative emotional state that one can’t seem to shake, such as anger, depression, anxiety, feeling unloved, isolated, or inferior can be due to outside influence. Thoughts that are not characteristic, such as thoughts of suicide or doing violence are often from outside influence. Cravings and obsessions can also be due to outside influence.

What Can We Do About Outside Influence?
Thoughts are things. It’s important to be aware of your thoughts and what they are doing to your quality of life. If one spends a great deal of time and energy in a negative state of mind, sooner or later s/he will attract a discarnate entity who is in the same state of mind. Then it becomes necessary to get help to free the unwanted entity. Our thoughts and beliefs are so powerful that they affect everything in our lives. Taking responsibility to change negative habits is the most important thing we can do to reduce the incidence of outside influence.

I encourage everyone to learn more about entity attachment in order to dispel the fear associated with it. If you Google “spirit releasement therapy” you will find good web sites with reliable information shared by professionals in the field. Any source that sensationalizes entity attachment is using it as a means to attract attention and is not a good source of reliable information.

Part of my mission is to show that the physical and spiritual realms are two sides of the same coin, and we live in both realms in every minute of every day. Consciously using all the potential we were born with can be an amazingly exciting adventure. I hope this series has been interesting and enlightening to you.

Live your purpose every day.

Moving Into the New Age


Microgeneration Certification Scheme
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Shift Happens

November 11, 2011: 11/11/11 symbolizes a special energy that occurs only once in every 100 years, and on this day it is three times more brilliant than at any other time.

The number 11, a Master number, represents the dreamer within us. Eleven is the energy of idealism, inspiration, innovation, invention, and excellence. It presents the opportunity to tune into your spirit, to allow your ideals to come forward and inspire you to be the best you can be.

All you cynics out there have ideals, too, and you can use this opportunity to get in touch with  them. Idealism brings forth dreams and sustains us as we act to make our dreams come true.

As we move toward the Aquarian age, Aquarius being the 11th house of the zodiac, we see manifestations of the number eleven‘s influence. All over the world people are expressing the energy of universal ideals such as freedom and equality by staging events that are changing life as we know it. This unprecedented global gathering of like-minded people has been possible because of electronic social media like Facebook.

Electricity and electronics are properties of the number 11. Presently, there are more electrically-driven vehicles on the road than ever before. Electronic innovations are being implemented daily to make our lives easier.

More and more people are reaching out to achieve excellence in service to the greater good with the expansion of green energy solutions. Electronic media have made it easier than ever before to help each other through chaotic events like the gulf oil spill and the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Two stories in the news illustrate the idealism we hold deep in our hearts. An anonymous man left a bagful of cash in a restroom in Sakado, Japan, with instructions asking that it be used it to help the earthquake/tsunami victims. And the Moscow Circus contributed $1M to the Japanese tsunami fund.

Now is the time to look within, acknowledge your strengths, and expand your consciousness so you can flow with this once-in-a-lifetime energy of spiritual achievement, acceleration, and exhilaration.

Take advantage of the tremendous power of 11, and get ready to innovate new ideas and new ways of being in your life. You don’t want to be left in the dust of yesterday wondering where everybody went.

Spiritual Principles That Drive Us

Open the door of your mind and see the light

Before we get to the next step for calculating your Chaldean Soul Chart, I want to share an excerpt from the book I am writing. It’s from the section that describes how and why numerology works. I think it’s time to get familiar with the 90% of our brain that hasn’t been used up to now – our inner awareness.

Spiritual Principles

There are some basic premises that I feel are important to understanding how numerology works. They are sometimes called Universal Laws and demonstrate the inseparability of the spiritual and the material worlds. Some may feel right for you. If there are some things that don’t fit for you, I invite you to put them on a shelf to look at later, and continue reading.

  • I think the most important thing I have learned is that I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. You and I are spiritual beings having a physical experience. According to Quantum Physics (and spiritual masters since the beginning of time), you are energy vibrating at a certain frequency. If you put an object under the right kind of microscope, you would not see a solid mass; you would see vibrating light. You can see your body with your naked eye because its energy is vibrating at the slower frequency that is in harmony with the physical world. Some people can see, with the naked eye, the spiritual energy that radiates from your body. They are known as clairvoyant and they call this energy your aura.

Your spirit drives your body. In computer-speak, your body is the hardware; your spirit is the software that drives it. Dr. Daniel Amen, the well-known psychiatrist and brain imaging pioneer, says, “The brain is the hardware of the soul.”

            You have probably figured out by now that we are really living in two worlds at once – the physical and the spiritual – both are composed of the same energy, but are vibrating at different rates of speed.

  • Planet Earth is a school, and we are all in school together, experiencing the full range of grade levels from kindergarten through graduate school. Obviously, we have some experiences that we like and some we don’t like. For example, take the idea of “dysfunctional” families, a condition we have learned to judge as “bad”. What if we look at it from a different perspective, like maybe everything we experience, without exception, has a function? Maybe the function of every experience we have is to teach us something. If this is true, then our so-called dysfunctional family could be acting as the catalyst for some of our most important lessons and opportunities for growth. If we designed our life plan, maybe we somehow made sure we ended up with the family that was best for us. Maybe we were meant to learn from all our experiences.

When you learn to calculate your Chaldean Soul Chart, you will see that your family members enhance all your qualities; even the qualities you judge as “bad”. Talk about functional! You will see how the influences operate even more clearly if you calculate the Chaldean Soul Charts of all your family members. I have done entire families, including newborn babies. It has been immensely gratifying to these families to understand how important its members are to each other. As a parent, can you imagine having a blueprint of your child’s spiritual self to guide you in his upbringing?

  • You are creating your life in every second of your existence. You attract what you think about. If you don’t like your life, just change your thoughts. Quantum Physics shows us that life responds to our actions. To indigenous peoples, avatars, teachers of ancient wisdom, and successful people in all walks of life, this is not news. Science is catching up with the wisdom of the ages. Your thoughts act like energy magnets that attract what you are thinking about. If you don’t like what life is bringing you, focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. You are a powerhouse of energy. If you learn to direct your thoughts and feelings in a positive way, you will create your own heaven on earth. Think about that.
  • The purpose of life is to be happy. Every spiritual master and avatar from the beginning of time has said this, including the Dalai Lama. Joseph Campbell, professor of mythology, writer, and lecturer, coined the phrase, “Follow your bliss.” Where did he get that idea? It seems to sum up the basic message he gleaned from his studies of mythology, religion, and psychology. Why doesn’t everyone know this? Why don’t we all grow up believing this? One reason is that, in the beginning, there were people who believed that only a privileged few should know this truth. They wanted to use people to make their own dreams come true, and to do that, they had to keep others in ignorance.

We are smarter now, and we are learning that sharing attracts more abundance to us. There is so much information available today to everyone about everything that it’s impossible to keep anything a secret anymore.  You were born to be fulfilled. The expression of your fulfillment is unique to you. Your Chaldean Soul Chart will show you the path you chose.

  • Your happiness uplifts the whole world. Ancient wisdom says that people all over the world pick up your thoughts, magnify them, and send them around again. As long as you are on the happiness wavelength, you and your happiness buddies are healing the world. When you’re happy, you’re in tune with your purpose. Again, Quantum Physics has discovered a measurable, scientific way to demonstrate this.

Why is it important to be happy? It’s obvious that we’d rather be happy than unhappy. We choose pleasure over pain. As a matter of fact, we cannot live our purpose when we are unhappy. Just as important is the effect our thoughts, feelings, and emotions have on the rest of the world.

Your thoughts and feelings fill your personal energy field, which radiates from 3 to 9 feet in a bubble around your body. Anyone within range of you senses your energy and is affected by it. What’s more, a person doesn’t have to be within physical range of you to sense their vibration, especially if it’s someone you have a close relationship with. For example, maybe during a time when you were feeling low, someone close to you called up to say “hello” at the exact time that you needed a boost. Many of us call this coincidence. I have come to see experiences like this as natural outcomes of heightened awareness.

But your energy is even more powerful. Your feelings unite with like feelings everywhere, creating an energy pattern that influences the entire universe. You can choose the way you want to influence the universe. That’s how powerful you are.

  • You are the power, and the power is love. Love is the most uplifting vibration in the universe. When you are in a state of loving, you contribute to the harmony of the whole world.

You have the power to turn your life around, to make it what you’ve always wanted it to be. When you tune in to the Source of all life, (God, Guardian Angels, Spirit, or your name for the Creator) you experience unconditional, all-encompassing, blissful, joyous love. When you think about someone you love unconditionally (your baby, your lover, your cat, your dog) you feel unconditional love. Why not learn to feel unconditional love for yourself? When you truly love yourself, you love life and attract people who truly love you. With the power of love, you can perform miracles.

There you have it. These ideas are as old as time, and probably most of you are familiar with them. My wish is that this discussion will help you get all you can from your numerological experience.

Next time, you will learn to calculate your Direction number. Meanwhile, here’s a question for you. Do you love your job?

 Copyright You Were Born That Way and Nancy Fairbrother 2007. All rights reserved.

The Big Question – What is Your Purpose?

Are you happy? This could be the most important question in your life. Here’s why – when you are happy, you are living your purpose. No kidding. Too simple, you say? What if you chose your life purpose before you were born? What if, in your subconscious mind, you know exactly what you are here for? What if you placed a code here that would reveal all the information you need to live a happy, fulfilling life?

Even if you think this is absurd, woo-woo, airy-fairy, New Age idiocy, take a few minutes to follow the simple steps below. Think of it as an experiment. You can judge the results for yourself, and if you still think it’s crazy, great. You haven’t lost anything.

I am a numerologist for one simple reason – numerology gave me a fantastic tool that helped me create the life I was meant to live – my Chaldean Soul Chart. Now, I want to reveal to you a bit of your own Chaldean Soul Chart.

We will be working with your birth name. Print your full name on a piece of paper as it appears on your birth certificate. If you are a Jr., II, or III, count this as part of your birth name, if it appears on your birth certificate. Spell out Junior, count II as 2, and III as 3, etc. Next, place the corresponding numbers from the Chaldean Conversion Code above the letters of your name, like this.

1 7 5 5   1 5 4 2 5 6   3 4 1 4 5

J o h n   A n d r e w   S m i t h

Chaldean Conversion Code

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chaldean numerology does not use the number 9 in name calculations.

Next, add together all the numbers in your first name (John = 1+7+5+5 = 18). Reduce the sum to a single digit (9). Do the same for your middle name (or names) and your last name.

Next, add the single-digit sums together and reduce that sum to a single digit. If the total adds up to 11, 22, or 33, do not reduce to a single digit. These are Master numbers that denote increased intensity and responsibility, and are interpreted as is.

Now you have the total for your birth name number. This number represents your Purpose In Life. It is your destiny, your reason for living.

Read the interpretation for your Purpose Number below and notice how familiar it feels. You will see there are positive and negative qualities about each number.


1.  You are a leader who came to pioneer new ways. Qualities: individuality, originality, assertiveness, leadership, courageousness, independence, and ambition; bossiness, stubbornness, impatience, willfulness, and arrogance. You will always be on the cutting edge of life, so don’t be concerned that you seem not to fit in. Develop a true sense of self, instead of trying to prove yourself.

2.  You are a diplomat, able to see all sides of a situation. Qualities: cooperative, adaptable, flexible, friendly, intuitive, supportive, excellent partner and team member; needy, indecisive, a pleaser. You came to bring harmony to the world. Learn to let people know exactly what you want.

3.  Your purpose is to express yourself – to be an example of the lighter side of life. Qualities: creative, artistic, dramatic, social, kind, cheerful, outgoing, imaginative, an entertainer; critical, scatterbrained, escapist, irresponsible, drama king/queen. Outlets for your self expression are speaking, teaching, writing, or performing.

4.  You are a builder. You like to work with your hands, and you enjoy constructive activity. You came to build a solid foundation for yourself and your fellow man. Qualities: self discipline, grounded, productive, orderly, responsible, dutiful, practical, patient, organized, dignified, strong, thorough, detailed, and loyal; perfectionist, narrow-minded, possessive, uncompromising, impatient, compulsive.

5.  Your purpose is to embody freedom, sharing your enthusiasm with the world. You are the ultimate salesperson. Qualities: likeable, outgoing, versatile, adventurous, curious, clever, energetic, expansive, and sensual; glib, restless, stubborn, irresponsible, addictive, excessive, resentful. Express freedom by being true to yourself instead of trying to show the world you can’t be controlled.

6.  You are the picture of harmony and poise. Your purpose is to create harmony and balance in the world. Qualities: healer, artistic, home and family, counselor, generous, compassionate, and helpful; judgmental, self-righteous, critical, demanding, martyr. Make sure you are receiving fulfillment in everything you do.

7.  Your connection to God/Source energy is the most important thing in your life. Your purpose is to seek truth. Your curiosity makes you a natural detective. Qualities: creative, futurist, refined, detached, scholarly, introspective, poised, and aloof; critical, impatient, know-it-all, whiner, isolated. Instead of developing a superior attitude in order to shore up your self image, learn to love your magnificent self as you are.

8.  You are a born leader, comfortable in a position of authority. Your purpose is to organize and execute ideas for the good of all. Qualities: powerful, executive, trusted, organized, businesslike, confident, good judgment, and thorough; dictatorial, bully, narrow-minded, fear of money and material things. Instead of judging yourself and others by the amount of money and toys you/they have, consider that true wealth comes from the inside, not the outside.

9.  You are a humanitarian. Your purpose is to be of service to humanity. Qualities: compassion, altruism, empathy, generosity, philosophical, creative, passionate, and artistic; martyr, savior, lack boundaries, impractical, irresponsible. Since the Number 9 is also the number of endings, you may find yourself dealing with endings of all kinds in your life. When it seems you are not getting all the love you are giving, pull back and treat yourself to something you love.

11.  This is the number of the Master Inventor who adds electricity to the qualities of the number 2. Your purpose is to share your inspired ideas with others, helping them to be the best they can be. Qualities: idealist, dreamer, visionary, super-diplomat, intuitive, inspiring, inner strength, artistic, and independent; love ideals more than people, judgmental, impatient, needy, indecisive. Keep your soul fire burning by filling your world with inspiration.

22.  This is the number of the Master Builder. You are the practical mystic who makes dreams come true. Qualities: versatile, organized, diplomatic, statesman-like, leader, and practical; fear your power, needy, lazy, stubborn, undisciplined, perfectionist, arrogant. When life becomes a struggle, connect with the one you love best.

33.  This is the number of the Master Communicator, the cosmic parent. It is your purpose to use your powers of communication to uplift your fellow man. Qualities: compassion, sensitivity, loving, artistic, creative, super sociable, and joyful; crabby, critical, judgmental, busybody. Make sure that you are receiving as much as you are giving in life.

Are you expressing your purpose? How? If not, how can you begin to allow its presence in your life?

Can you see how important it is to know who you are? How can you get the most out of your life if you are unaware of all the qualities you chose to help you succeed in extraordinary ways?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn from your Chaldean Soul Chart. I hope this simple exercise has given you a glimpse of the practical side of   numerology, one of the so-called occult mysteries that may not be so mysterious after all.