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Friday Funnies

First, Anti-gravity

The science-based portion of our program – groaners all, but too silly to pass up.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

Q: How do you identify a gefilte fish in the ocean?
A: By the carrots on its back.

The following were lifted from Jupiter Scientific http://www.jupiterscientific.org/sciinfo/sciencejokes.html

Q: Why are quantum physicists so poor at sex?
A: Because when they find the position, they can’t find the momentum, and when they have the momentum, they can’t find the position.

Q: What did one quantum physicist say when he wanted to fight another quantum physicist?
A: Let me atom.

There is a sign in Munich that says, “Heisenberg might have slept here.”

The Heineken Uncertainty Principle says “You can never be sure how many beers you had last night.”

Q: What did the male magnet say to the female magnet?
A: From your backside, I thought you were repulsive. However, after seeing you from the front, I find you rather attractive.

Science Cat Speaks.

Advice from Science Cat

Final Words from Science Cat

Final Words from Science Cat

Finally, Sunday is April Fools Day

Here are a couple of winners from April Fools Day on the Web 2011:

And remember …..

Have a great weekend, and live your purpose every day!

Psychic Ability – Prophecy

Buck Rogers: A Life in the Future
Image via Wikipedia

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is the ability to see the future. For most people, this is the scariest of the psychic gifts. I believe the reason is that we don’t yet completely understand how the universe works.

Ancient knowledge and present-day physics tell us that we do not live in a linear timeframe, but that time and space are one and everything is happening now. My experience with psychic awareness is that time and distance do not exist.

For example, spiritual healing takes place whether my client is in the same room with me or many miles away. I can discern a person’s thoughts whether they are with me or  miles away, and I can accurately predict the outcome of a situation before it occurs.

Everyone experiences prophetic awareness. Almost everyone on earth has had a dream that came true or an accurate impression about how something will turn out.

Practical Aspects of Prophecy

Obviously, when we see the future we are prepared for it. Many people would rather not see into the future because they relate it only with bad news.

One way to neutralize the fear associated with bad news is to see it as something we can learn from. Can we change the outcome? If so, how? If not, what can we do to help ourselves and others and what can we learn from the situation?

Remember, prophecy reveals good news, too.

How to Manage Your Psychic Awareness

It is very important to stay mentally and psychically clear so that you are acting upon your own thoughts and impressions and not upon those of others. We all have psychic antennae.

One way to clear yourself is to imagine (see, feel, think) a white light originating in your heart area and expanding to fill your body and surround you in a bubble of white light. As you do this, you can say, “I invoke the light of the loving presence within; I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Repeat until you receive a charge of positive energy, such as chills or tingling sensations. Clearing only takes a few seconds and it can help you in any situation.

Turning It On and Off

You can turn your psychic sensitivity on or off, as you wish. To turn it on, do the clearing exercise above and ask yourself for an impression whenever you desire information during your day. In meditation, ask yourself or your spiritual helpers for an impression.

To turn your psychic sensitivity off, simply say, “I don’t want psychic impressions now,” or “Session over.” Do the clearing exercise above and move on with your day.

You will hear Prophetic and sometimes Empathic types say that they don’t like crowds. That’s because they are unaware that they can clear their energy and become normal participants in life instead of psychic sponges. If you think you may be a psychic sponge, get good at clearing.

How to Develop Your Gift of Prophecy

Start with predicting how everyday events in your life will turn out. In meditation, clear your energy and think of something about which you want to know the outcome. Note your impressions. Work with something that you can see results with the same day, such as your trip to work. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accurate impressions at first. If you practice, you will achieve accuracy.

The Prophetic Personality

The Prophetic type is the most psychically sensitive of all the types. Prophetics are like antennae receiving signals from everywhere 24 hours a day. They receive impressions in an inner knowing and through their three other psychic gifts, most often through the second gift in their personal lineup.

Whether they are outgoing or more on the introverted side, Prophetics project an impression of confidence because of their inner knowing.

They say things like, “You know?” or “Know what I mean?” a lot. And they finish your sentences for you.

Prophetics tend to be casual about outer organization, but they are inwardly organized. Their offices have stacks of stuff everywhere, but they know exactly where everything is. Their personal spaces at home can be messy, as well.

They think in creative and unusual ways and are the free spirits of life. They are focused on potential and excel in professions that require a view of the future, such as spotting trends and inventing. They are dreamers, and as children spend a lot of time daydreaming in school.

Prophetics don’t like to miss anything and can be moody and cranky when their senses get overloaded. They need to have time alone every day to recharge their batteries.

I hope this series has helped you understand more about psychic ability. I invite you to try developing your psychic ability and using it in ways that will enhance your life.

And I hope you understand a little bit more about your personality type and have new ways to communicate successfully with other types.

 Live your purpose every day.

 copyright by Nancy Fairbrother

Psychic Ability and Physics

The Sri Yantra.
Image via Wikipedia

Physics is continuing to rediscover ancient wisdom.

I have recently seen a video that is the inspiration for this article, and I want to share it with you. It is an interview with theoretical physicist Nassim Haramein who has been researching the space that surrounds us and has made some revolutionary discoveries. I was so excited, I Googled this man and watched one of his lectures.

His unique approach reveals the connection between science and spirituality in a creative and engaging way. He demonstrates how we are all connected by the space around us and how we all contribute to a collective consciousness that creates matter. Yes, we create matter.

In the lecture I watched, he talked about sacred geometry and about numbers as a language for spirit.

Listening to him, I could see how psychic ability is a result of our minds being connected in this space-field we live in. We can pick up impressions such as the thoughts of others and future events, and we can perform and receive healing at a distance because we are all swimming in the same soup.

In addition, Nassim Haramein talks about the tremendous potential of tapping into this field to create environmentally friendly ways to power our homes, businesses, and vehicles.

This video presents a truly revolutionary view of the future. I think you will agree with me.

Click here to watch.

Live your purpose every day.

Copyright Nancy Fairbrother

Do You Remember Names?

Some people remember the name of everyone they’ve ever met. I consider them mental wizards and admire them greatly. I was born without their gift, as you will see.

Question mark

Don’t ask me how to remember names. I forget a person’s name the instant after I hear it, even if we have a conversation. Always have. I used to be embarrassed about it, but not any more. I just say, “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name,” with a smile. The soon-to-be-nameless-again person doesn’t seem to be offended, but maybe they all are just good at covering up their true thoughts (like, “What an idiot.” or “Who does she think she is?”) But I care not. I have accepted this failure in myself because I have no choice. No memory exercises have helped me, perhaps because I have not practiced diligently enough. Besides, I am not offended when someone forgets my name. I can’t afford to be.

I do remember faces, and sometimes when I have confessed to not remembering a name I will let the person know that I remember his/her face. I don’t want people to think they are unimportant to me, so this is the one positive offering I am pleased to make.

I also remember certain esoteric facts, like female ducks quack – males don’t, or mixed long-haired/short-haired cats shed more than purebred long-hairs do, or ambergris comes from whale intestines, or horses can’t throw up. Hmm. I just noticed these are all related to animals. This may be significant.

Other esoteric facts I should remember, like what’s-his-name’s uncertainty principle, go unremembered until I am writing about something related to physics and I have to look it up for the umpteenth time. Of course, I don’t really know if the uncertainty principle will apply, but I look it up in case it will.

So far, I have stumbled along adequately without a flawless memory – at least I think I have. But I may never know, since most people can out-remember me by a mile.

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