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Psychic Powers

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English: Storefront Psychic fortuneteller in Downtown Crossing, Boston. January 2009 photo by John Stephen Dwyer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mention psychic power to most people and you get the message they don’t want to talk about it. Talk about psychic ability and you are likely to be dismissed with a laugh. Google “psychic powers,” “psychic ability,” or “psychic awareness” and you will see hundreds of thousands of results featuring everything from psychic readers to lessons on developing your psychic abilities.

There are almost 50,000 Google global searches per month for the term, “psychic ability.”  Even though this is a low number, searches for learning about psychic ability are even lower. Global searches per month for the terms “how to develop psychic ability,” and “how to improve psychic ability” range from fewer than 1,000 to a little more than 1,000 searches a month. The results of these searches range in the hundreds of thousands, meaning that there are hundreds of thousands of resources out there for developing or improving psychic awareness, but few people are taking advantage of these resources. I interpret this as a reflection of the fear most of us still associate with anything psychic.

Let me tell you something – whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, you are psychic. Everybody is psychic. Being psychic is no big deal. I think the big deal is how we look at psychic ability. Denying your psychic ability is like denying you have a brain.

The Fear Factor

The combination of power mongers since ancient times passing on their rules of entitlement and our dependence on physical science (talk about co-dependence) to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, has compromised our ability to trust ourselves.

I’m not against physical science. There’s no question that humanity has gained immensely from physical science. And we stand to gain even more as quantum physics reveals more and more about the invisible realities of life.

I’m not worried about power mongers. They are losing their grip on humanity. Just look at world events of the past few years. As we gain the courage to develop our full potential, we will learn to listen to our psychic promptings and direct our lives with confidence.

What Do Psychic Powers Look Like?

Psychic powers have a boundless range of qualities. They can look anything like the little something that tells you where to find a parking place to the dream about a future event that comes true.

The general assumption is that unless you are a professional psychic prophesying dramatic events, you are not psychic. The truth is, the only difference between professional psychics and you is that they receive clear impressions and trust them. It’s their expertise. It’s their calling.

Being a psychic advisor or an intuitive counselor is like any other profession; like being a master carpenter, for instance. Certain people are called to the art and craft of fine carpentry. They love doing custom cabinetry, building furniture; it fulfills them and they are good at it. The rest of us aren’t interested in being a master carpenter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang a picture or build a deck on the back of our house.

Psychic ability is more than an art and a skill, however. It’s an inborn quality like your brain waves with the potential to help you live a more fulfilling life. You have the choice to develop your psychic ability. You have the choice to learn which hunches to follow and which not to follow. You have the choice to pay attention to your innate knowledge or to ignore it.

How Do Psychic Powers Serve You?

Your psychic awareness is immensely practical and always there. Remember the last time you were talking to someone who tried to convince you he was just fine when you had the sense that he was upset about something, or the time someone was handing you a line of bull when you knew instinctively she was lying? We were born psychic to help us navigate the tricky tides of life.

I wrote four articles about psychic awareness that will give you more information about your powerful life-enhancing abilities; your gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, prophecy, and clairaudience. You can learn a lot about yourself from them. If you’ve already read these pieces, you may want to read them again, maybe with a different point of view this time.

I hope this article helped you see psychic powers as a natural part of who you are. Your thoughts?

Live your purpose every day.

Getting What You Want

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Manifesting Intentions

Many years ago, at the start of my metaphysical training, I learned how to manifest intentions. I’d never before purposefully used my thoughts to get what I wanted, and I was excited to learn. My first experience involved moving.

I wanted to move to a particular apartment building in my neighborhood, which was not easy to get into. It seemed everyone else wanted to be there, too. It was a small building with only four units, and the apartments were very attractive. You had to watch the rental ads like a hawk to see when one was available.

I had looked at an apartment in this building before, and had just missed getting it, as it had been rented earlier that day. I was really disappointed, but I decided to apply what I was learning about manifestation to make sure I got the next one that became available.

Taking Action

I enlisted the help of my son, who was 11 at the time, and we visualized ourselves living there. We talked about the mirrored living room wall that I loved and went shopping for kitchen accessories and furniture. I watched the neighborhood paper closely for the ad that would surely show up for us. After a few weeks, I stopped looking. I can’t remember if I was distracted by other concerns, or whether I became discouraged, or I just forgot.

Letting Go

One day at work some time later, I happened to pick up the paper, and there was the ad I was waiting for. I immediately called the number and told the landlady not to rent that apartment to anyone else. I would be there after work to sign the contract. When I arrived, she told me the ad had gone into the paper that day, and I was the first to call.

I was overjoyed. The process was so easy, it seemed like magic. The hard part was waiting. I think eventually forgetting to look in the paper was a way of letting go and allowing the universe to bring me what I wanted at the right time. I’ve learned if I want to manifest an intention, I need to trust that the universe is working with me on it.

Your experiences?

Live your purpose every day.

My Amazing Clairvoyant Experience

Image by Adnan Yahya via Flickr

This experience is so astounding to me I have to share it with you.

There is a park near my house that I like to walk in, so I go there often. During one of these walks a few months ago I saw giant machines rapaciously tearing out large quantities of trees and foliage. Needless to say, I was upset, so I asked some of the operators what was going on. They told me they were clearing land for more ball fields. What could I say? I dealt with my upset and accepted the inevitable.

On a visit to the park three weeks ago, I saw that more trees and foliage had been removed. This time I called our City Council. I was told that the ball fields were going to be re-graded, the walking path would be paved, and drainage would be installed. To accomplish all this they had to remove more trees and foliage. They also were removing dead and diseased trees. I was assured they would replace some trees that had been removed, and no more trees or foliage would be taken out. I felt better now that I had the big picture.

Yesterday while walking in my little park, I discovered four new, beautiful trees had been planted in a group beside the walking path. They looked about half grown; three about 15 feet tall and one about 10 feet tall. There was fresh mulch carefully distributed around each one, and each had four support lines attached at the base of its lower branches and anchored in the ground. I was delighted to see them and admired the lovely way they had been placed and how healthy they looked.

On these walks, I turn around at the end of the path and go back the way I came. As I was walking back this time, I thought about those trees and could hardly wait to see them again. I rounded a bend in the path and began to look for those beautiful trees, but there was some distance to go before they would be visible. As I walked, I thought about how surprised and pleased I was that the Parks Department had begun planting so soon.

But I had a surprise coming. When I finally got to the spot where the trees were, they weren’t there! There was nothing but empty space.

I was stunned. At first I didn’t believe what I was (not) seeing, but then I realized I had just had my first clairvoyant experience outside my head. That is, up to now, all my visions had been in my mind. Clairvoyance is not my primary means of perception, and until that moment I had always seen visions in my mind with my eyes closed.

That vision of those trees was so clear it seemed I could have reached out and touched them. I had looked up and seen their leaves playing in the breeze. When I fully grasped what had happened, I felt so elated. I had huge amounts of energy and I was smiling for the rest of the day. I am immensely grateful for that experience. Now I know what it’s like to see as clairvoyants see.

Then there are the messages behind the vision. One is a demonstration and reassurance of how close spirit is to me. The day before in meditation I had declared myself open to more possibilities with my psychic perception. I asked and I received.

Another message could be that some day I may see those same trees in that same place, this time in the physical. If this happens, I will definitely let you know.

If you have any impressions about the meaning of this vision, please let me know.

Every time I think about that experience I get excited all over again. Wonderful things can happen when you are not expecting them.

Please leave comments. I would love to know what your experiences are with psychic perception and what questions you may have, too.


Live your purpose every day.

Psychic Ability – Prophecy

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What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is the ability to see the future. For most people, this is the scariest of the psychic gifts. I believe the reason is that we don’t yet completely understand how the universe works.

Ancient knowledge and present-day physics tell us that we do not live in a linear timeframe, but that time and space are one and everything is happening now. My experience with psychic awareness is that time and distance do not exist.

For example, spiritual healing takes place whether my client is in the same room with me or many miles away. I can discern a person’s thoughts whether they are with me or  miles away, and I can accurately predict the outcome of a situation before it occurs.

Everyone experiences prophetic awareness. Almost everyone on earth has had a dream that came true or an accurate impression about how something will turn out.

Practical Aspects of Prophecy

Obviously, when we see the future we are prepared for it. Many people would rather not see into the future because they relate it only with bad news.

One way to neutralize the fear associated with bad news is to see it as something we can learn from. Can we change the outcome? If so, how? If not, what can we do to help ourselves and others and what can we learn from the situation?

Remember, prophecy reveals good news, too.

How to Manage Your Psychic Awareness

It is very important to stay mentally and psychically clear so that you are acting upon your own thoughts and impressions and not upon those of others. We all have psychic antennae.

One way to clear yourself is to imagine (see, feel, think) a white light originating in your heart area and expanding to fill your body and surround you in a bubble of white light. As you do this, you can say, “I invoke the light of the loving presence within; I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Repeat until you receive a charge of positive energy, such as chills or tingling sensations. Clearing only takes a few seconds and it can help you in any situation.

Turning It On and Off

You can turn your psychic sensitivity on or off, as you wish. To turn it on, do the clearing exercise above and ask yourself for an impression whenever you desire information during your day. In meditation, ask yourself or your spiritual helpers for an impression.

To turn your psychic sensitivity off, simply say, “I don’t want psychic impressions now,” or “Session over.” Do the clearing exercise above and move on with your day.

You will hear Prophetic and sometimes Empathic types say that they don’t like crowds. That’s because they are unaware that they can clear their energy and become normal participants in life instead of psychic sponges. If you think you may be a psychic sponge, get good at clearing.

How to Develop Your Gift of Prophecy

Start with predicting how everyday events in your life will turn out. In meditation, clear your energy and think of something about which you want to know the outcome. Note your impressions. Work with something that you can see results with the same day, such as your trip to work. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accurate impressions at first. If you practice, you will achieve accuracy.

The Prophetic Personality

The Prophetic type is the most psychically sensitive of all the types. Prophetics are like antennae receiving signals from everywhere 24 hours a day. They receive impressions in an inner knowing and through their three other psychic gifts, most often through the second gift in their personal lineup.

Whether they are outgoing or more on the introverted side, Prophetics project an impression of confidence because of their inner knowing.

They say things like, “You know?” or “Know what I mean?” a lot. And they finish your sentences for you.

Prophetics tend to be casual about outer organization, but they are inwardly organized. Their offices have stacks of stuff everywhere, but they know exactly where everything is. Their personal spaces at home can be messy, as well.

They think in creative and unusual ways and are the free spirits of life. They are focused on potential and excel in professions that require a view of the future, such as spotting trends and inventing. They are dreamers, and as children spend a lot of time daydreaming in school.

Prophetics don’t like to miss anything and can be moody and cranky when their senses get overloaded. They need to have time alone every day to recharge their batteries.

I hope this series has helped you understand more about psychic ability. I invite you to try developing your psychic ability and using it in ways that will enhance your life.

And I hope you understand a little bit more about your personality type and have new ways to communicate successfully with other types.

 Live your purpose every day.

 copyright by Nancy Fairbrother

Psychic Ability – The Gift of Feeling

I mentioned in my last post that we have four psychic gifts. Everybody has all four gifts, and they are arranged in the order we chose before we were born.

The order in which they occur determines our personality type and our degree of sensitivity in each one.

Your psychic gift of feeling is the spiritual half of your sense of touch. If this is first in your chosen alignment, you routinely pick up impressions about people by shaking hands with them. You also get impressions by touching or holding objects.

This psychic sense is called psychometry. Touching is your natural way of getting oriented to your surroundings. It is your way of connecting, and you like to be touched, as well.

You have a great deal of empathy; you feel what other people are feeling and can be easily drawn into other people’s drama. You sometimes react to someone else’s feelings, thinking they are your own.

You also sense a person’s true feelings even when they are trying to hide them. You are rarely fooled by appearances.

You talk about feelings a lot, saying things like “How do you feel about this?” or “My feeling is …”

You like to learn by doing rather than through theory.

You like details and are good at working with your hands.

You absorb impressions with your whole body. You like comfort in your surroundings and in your clothing.

People with feeling first in their line-up are called empathic or clairsentient.

To develop your gift of feeling, have a friend give you an object to hold that has a history only your friend knows about and see what impressions you receive. Your friend doesn’t have to concentrate on the object to enable you to get impressions. The vibrations are already there.

One way we used to work with feeling in my psychic development group was to have each person take a turn sitting in a chair in the center of the group blindfolded (to reduce the distraction of personality). Then each member of the group would take a turn holding that person’s hand. The blindfolded person would share the impressions he received from each person. After everyone had been “read,” the blindfold was removed and each member would share whether the impressions picked up were accurate or not.

How do you feel about developing your psychic gifts?

What did you learn from this post? Were you expecting something dramatic or sensational?

I’d love to hear your experiences with your gift of feeling. And questions.

More next Monday.


 Live your purpose every day.

Psychic Ability: Real or Imagined?

Four Psychic Functions according to C.G.Jung
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I’ve written other posts about psychic ability, but there are no comments, so maybe they are too long, or I didn’t tag them to attract interested readers, or I don’t know what.

So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. It will be the first of a series of five articles on psychic perception posted on Mondays.

I’m someone who believes we all have untapped potential, and I’m excited about it. Part of that untapped potential is our innate psychic ability.

I think it’s important to dispel the myths and fears surrounding everything psychic. I’m interested in helping people who have the desire, to start paying attention to their psychic impressions, or hunches, and learn more about them.

You are psychic whether you believe it or not, whether you want to be or not, whether it scares you or not, and whether you care or not.

It is NORMAL to be psychic. Your psychic awareness exists in every cell and nerve of your body. You are hard-wired to be psychic.

Psychic awareness is the spiritual part of your physical senses of touch, vision, hearing, smell, and taste.

Everyone has psychic impressions, or hunches. You can choose to ignore them or develop your inner senses to assist you in your daily life. It’s strictly up to you.

There are four means of psychic perception, and your psychic nature is expressed in two ways: through your hunches and through your personality type, which determines the way you perceive life and the way you live.

The four means of psychic perception can be correlated to the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible in 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung drew inspiration and guidance from the ancient Greek Four Temperaments model, which became the basis for his famous psychological types which, in turn, became the basis for the leading personality instruments in use today, such as the Myers Briggs personality indicator.

You can learn a lot about yourself just by paying attention to your psychic nature.

You can learn to be a master communicator just by paying attention to others, when you know what to look for.

One very important thing about psychic sensitivity: you can learn to turn it on and off at will.

You don’t have to go around with all your senses open every minute of the day just because you’re psychic. That’s a fear that many people have, and who can blame them?

Next Monday I’ll be posting an article about one of your four psychic gifts.

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Numerology – Is It a Tool to Control You?

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Some people think that occult sciences and practices such as numerology, astrology, Tarot cards, and palmistry are just means to control them. Many people are afraid that if they have a consultation involving any of these modalities, the consultant will try to take over their lives. In addition, people fear the occult because it is associated with unfamiliar elements such as mind power, the paranormal, the supernatural, psychic phenomena, and extra-sensory perception. It’s easy to see why people feel this way. The occult sciences have been shrouded in mystery since ancient times in order for rulers to gain power and control over the masses.

But there is a positive side to the occult sciences. They were originally developed (no one actually knows how, when, or by whom) to assist us in our everyday lives. They remind us that we have the power to create our physical reality. Due to advances in modern science, we now have a perspective on the paranormal that we never had before. Quantum mechanics has enabled us to see that the paranormal is another aspect of reality, and physics and other sciences are showing us the limitless potential of thought energy.

People are waking up to their inner wisdom more than ever. Never before has there been so much interest in spiritual awareness. As people continue to search deeper, they begin to explore their psychic and intuitive abilities and eventually see these abilities as normal components of their consciousness. As we become more familiar with these little-known inner qualities in ourselves, ancient occult practices will become accepted as practical tools for modern times.

For example, numerology is one of the most practical tools for discovering who you are and where you came from. It provides the quickest and most accurate means of discovering your life purpose. Numerology doesn’t tell you what to do. It reveals the life plan you created before you entered life here. You made sure that your journey here would be successful by placing a how-to code in your birth name and birth date.

Numerology is not a limiting influence. It is an expansive influence. In reality, numerology reveals what you decided would be the most fulfilling and enjoyable life you could imagine. Even if you are one of the few who have always been aware of your path in life, numerology can help you enhance your own life and understand and appreciate those around you even more.

The occult sciences can be used to help us make decisions, to teach us to think for ourselves, to help us develop inner wisdom, and to become spiritually mature and fulfilled individuals. I highly recommend having your Chaldean Soul Chart cast by a reputable numerologist, your astrological profile cast by a reputable astrologer, your palm read by a reputable palm reader, and your Tarot cards read by a reputable Tarot reader.

Reputable practitioners of the occult sciences are not interested in running your life. Their deepest desire is to help you make your own decisions and guide you in creating a fulfilling life. I see the day coming when meeting with your numerologist will be no more out of the ordinary than meeting with your accountant. In fact, it is even now every bit as practical and informative.


I have found numerology to be so helpful to my clients and me that I love sharing it with everyone. I would love to receive your comments on my numerology articles. Let me know if you find them enlightening or informative, if you have questions, or if you disagree. I welcome your comments, and thank you in advance.

Fun with Intuition: Sometimes Guessing Games are not Guessing Games

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Using your intuition can be fun. Here are a couple of games you can play.

Everyone knows, “I’m Thinking of a Number.” Here’s a way you can play it intuitively with one or more people. Kids like to play this game, too.

  • Each player takes a turn being “it.” The person who is “it” chooses a number, writes it on a piece of paper, and conceals it.
  • Choose a number in any given range (5-number, 10-number, 50-number, etc.); graduating from shorter ranges to longer ranges as the sensitivity of the players increases. The group agrees on an appropriate range.
  • Set a time limit for receiving impressions (5 minutes or so). Don’t allow a lot of time, because people tend to let their minds get in the way if they have too much time. The time limit is agreed upon by the group.
  • The player who is “it” mentally projects the chosen number to the receivers by visualizing it or saying it over and over in his mind for the duration of the time limit.
  • The receivers clear and center, focus in a relaxed manner, and open to receive impressions, such as pictures, words, or feelings.
  • As each player discerns the number, he writes it on a piece of paper.
  • When the time is up, everyone shows his number.
  • Each player takes a turn sharing his experience with the game, including the “it” player.
  • A variation: the “it” player writes his chosen number on a piece of paper and places the paper face-down in an energetically-neutral place, such as on a table. The receivers focus on the paper to discern the number written on it.

Intuitive Hide and Seek

  • Everybody gathers in a room where a small object will be hidden, and becomes familiarized with the room.
  • Each player takes a turn hiding the object in the room after the other players (the receivers) have left the room. Everyone knows what the object looks like.
  • When the object has been hidden, the receivers come back into the room.
  • The receivers find a comfortable place to sit, clear and center, and open to receive impressions. Again, the impressions could be pictures, feelings, or words. Some players may feel drawn to a certain part of the room.
  • There is a short time limit for this, which has been agreed upon by the group.
  • The player hiding the object mentally projects the location of the object to the receivers by holding a picture, words, or feelings in her mind.
  • When the time is up, the receivers follow their impressions to the object.
  • After each round, the players take turns sharing their experience with the game.
  • When the players become more advanced, the location of the object is not projected.
  • A variation: The object is hidden in another room. The receivers don’t know which room it is hidden in. If you are in someone else’s home, be sure to find out if any rooms are off limits.

Some Guidelines

Be sure to clear and center before every round of each game so your intuition will be as clear as possible.

Stay relaxed, it’s only a game.

You may find that some people will have primarily visual impressions, some primarily word impressions, and some primarily feeling impressions.

After you have gained some skill with receiving, you can choose a specific expression through which to receive your impressions. For example, after clearing, you can mentally say, “I want a picture,” I want a word,” or “I want a feeling.”

You can experiment by projecting to the other players only one expression per round, or by projecting a variety of expressions per round.

Psychic Etiquette

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As we learned growing up, it’s important to have good manners. One important reason for that is, it keeps us out of trouble. It is equally important to have good manners when we are involved in any kind of psychic or intuitive activity, such as meditation, developing our four psychic expressions, using a Ouija board (see my post on that one), or giving a psychic reading of any type. And, it’s an excellent way to be organized with your personal spiritual energy.

You are a bundle of electromagnetic energy. Every thought you think affects your electromagnetic energy. Your EM energy penetrates and surrounds your body in a bubble, and some people (Clairvoyant types) can easily see this energy in the form of an aura. The rest of us can learn to see auras, too.

When you are happy and relaxed, your aura can expand to 6 – 12 feet in diameter around you. When you are upset (angry, afraid, tense, stressed) your aura can shrink to within 6 inches or less of your body. When you are sick your aura shrinks, as well. When our auras shrink, we feel vulnerable. The size of the average aura (when you are feeling more or less neutral) is 2 – 3 feet. At http://www.kevinhogan.com/aura.htm, you can read about an experiment with auras.

There are two points to psychic etiquette. The first one is clarity. If you are confused, tired, upset, etc., you will not be able to pick up impressions accurately, and you may act on something in error. To receive clear impressions in meditation or while giving readings, your energy field must be clear.

There are different ways to clear your energy field. I’ll share with you the way I learned to do it. Sit comfortably with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose to relax yourself. Imagine that your body is filled with white light. Take your time. Now allow the white light to expand until it surrounds you in a ball of light. You can say something like, “In the name of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within me, I cleanse my body and I cleanse my soul,” or “I invoke the light of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within, I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Visualize the light and repeat the affirmation as many times at it takes to bring forward a feeling of relaxation and peace. By this time you will be feeling chills or tingling sensations. This is the indication I use to let me know that my energy is at its clearest possible point, and I proceed with meditation.

You can also use a physical process along with the mental. As you repeat the affirmation, you can rub your hands vigorously together and past them over your head and down the back of your neck. Then shake your hands and pass them over your head and the back of your neck again. Repeat the process until you feel at peace and a tingling sensation or chills. You can touch your head and neck or not, whichever you choose. It works both ways.

In addition to meditation, I use the clearing process before a business appointment, before I sit down at my computer to write, when I get upset, to clear my mind or sharpen my focus, after I’m through working at my computer and ready to move on to something else. I used to clear my energy before and after I saw each of my counseling clients. You can use it before you go to work in the morning or to clear your mind at work. You can use it when you leave work to make sure you don’t take work energy home with you. There are so many ways you can use the clearing process.

It is important to be deliberate with your energy. It is up to you to manage your energy. When something happens to upset you, you have the power to clear your energy and move on. You can teach others to monitor their own energy, too. Children like to do the physical process, and they appreciate the ability to be in charge of their energy.

The second point of psychic etiquette is, don’t be nosey. Everyone spontaneously picks up impressions from other people. But some people believe they can read minds and are tempted to try. If you go spying on someone else, like trying to read their mind or trying to make them do what you want them to do, you will be inviting trouble. Each one of us has subconscious boundaries; our privacy settings are pretty high. Being nosey with your psychic senses only causes other people to automatically reinforce their subconscious boundaries and, consequently, causes confusion in you. So don’t even bother; you’re wasting your time.

When you are doing a reading for someone, you have their permission to enter their energy field. This is the only time it is ethical to do so. By the way, if you clear your energy before receiving a psychic reading, you will make it easier for the reader to help you. Many readers ask you to do this. If you sense that the reader is tired or stressed, you may want to reschedule your appointment because the reader won’t be clear enough to give you an accurate reading.

I hope this article is helpful to you, and I’m excited to hear about your experiences with the clearing process. I would love to hear from those of you who use other clearing processes, as well.