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Mother’s Day

Genesis, the Gift of Life, by Miguel Covarrubias

Since Sunday is Mother’s Day, I’d like to pause Friday Funnies this week in order to pay tribute to mothers everywhere.

The mother-child relationship is a deep and mysterious one. It begins before either is ever born. Motherhood may or may not be part of a soul’s purpose. If it is, the soul agrees to parenthood before entering life on earth. We mothers enter into a spiritual contract with each of the souls we will eventually encounter as our children.

Our mothers are our first contact with physical life. Our development in the womb creates a powerful, two-way bond of love. If you have a loving relationship with your mother, it’s easy to feel this bond. If your relationship is not so close, it’s not so easy.

When I look back at my tumultuous relationship with my mother, I remember knowing, deep in my spirit, that she loved me in spite of what we were experiencing on the physical plane. I think my knowing was the remembrance of that spiritual bond between mother and child that underlies whatever happens in the 3-D relationship.

We all want our mothers to be what we perceive as perfect. Very few of us have our ideal mother. On the other hand, maybe we do. Maybe, if we are willing to learn, they embody the lessons that can make us the best Self possible.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere. Thank you for your presence in our lives.

In A Rut

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Millions of people are overwhelmed with financial, relationship, career, and health challenges. They are stuck, frustrated, and exhausted. It’s hard for them to stay motivated. Maybe you are one of them.

Usually when you’re stuck, it means you’ve lost touch with who you are. What if you could learn a simple way to get back on the path you were meant for? The occult science of numerology can help you get out of your rut and make a new start.

A Brief History of Numerology

Let’s look at the word occult. It’s a simple word with a simple meaning: hidden. Profound and brilliant sciences, such as astrology and numerology, were developed thousands of years ago to empower people to be the best they could be. They were so effective that rulers took them away from the masses so they could establish undisputed control. They became hidden, or occult sciences, permitted only to the wealthy and powerful.

Eventually, these ancient sciences became a source of fear that continues to this day. For this reason, they have been largely overlooked as the practical tools they are for gaining fulfillment in life.

It is natural to fear what we don’t know. But learning about what we fear transforms our lives by freeing us to make more choices. I am very excited about re-introducing the ancient science of numerology to everyone who is searching for meaning in their life.

The Benefits of Numerology

Numerology is an ideal step toward self-realization. It provides the foundation upon which to build the life you’ve always wanted.

In about an hour you can rediscover who you are by learning simple calculations based on your birth name and birth date. Numerology shows you how to capitalize on your strengths and how to build strength from your challenges. Best of all, you learn that all it takes to be successful is to be yourself.

Anyone can use numerology. It works for people of every age and walk of life. Parents can use numerology to guide their children to become fulfilled, mature adults. It can help you resolve emotional issues, discover the right calling or profession, and gain insight into relationships, financial issues, and health issues.

I am privileged to help people start on the path to personal freedom by using this ancient science. I write about it to help change the perception of numerology from something fearful to a benefit full of possibility. One day this science will no longer be termed occult.

You were born with a convenient, easy-to-understand instruction book cleverly concealed in your birth name and birth date. As the saying goes, “When all else fails, read the instructions.”

Live your purpose every day.

How to Use Your Anger

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Anger is a good thing. It is the alarm bell within that tells you something is wrong. Anger ‘s role in life is to help us maintain and protect our selfness. It tells us that someone or something is encroaching on our boundaries. The trick with anger is to know how to use it for your benefit.

I think of anger as my friend. It has not always been so. From petty annoyances to temper tantrums, I know the full range of the anger spectrum. I was the Rage Queen, erupting as the overwhelming tide of anger swept me away, out of control, feeling powerless and vulnerable.

I used to think it was someone or something else that made me angry, unaware that the anger was about me. I played the blame game to the hilt, repeating the same patterns over and over until the awareness of how bad anger felt made me seek help.

I have had wonderful teachers, mentors, and loved ones who have taught me so much about anger. They have been mirrors for me, examples to emulate, and compassionate healers.

It wasn’t easy to face the emotions that were holding me in anger. Gradually I was able to develop the compassion and self respect that enabled me to look inside with love and appreciation, and I was able to take the steps toward healing.

I learned that my anger is a sign that something inside me is out of balance. As I learned to admit how sad I felt, how helpless, how hurt, I realized my anger was a shield I used to hide my vulnerability from myself and from the world.

Resolution of anger issues is different from anger management. Anger management strategies are certainly important; still, they don’t seem to create resolution of the issue(s) that bring anger out. They seem to focus on control, which is constructive but, without resolution, tend to encourage emotional repression, which creates more anger, which leads to more repression, and the circle goes around and around.

Here are a couple of definitions of anger management, one by the Mayo Clinic staff, along with ten great tips for handling anger that everyone can use (I encourage you to read it), and this one by Normal Shultz, Research Assistant, Conflict Research Consortium at the University of Colorado. What is your opinion?

Anger is a normal part of life. Learning to resolve it enables you to have better health, better relationships, and more of what you want. By using anger management and resolution together, you can gradually whittle your anger down to nothing. How would that change your life?

While I experience annoyance and irritation from time to time, I am no longer the Rage Queen. I use anger management strategies, and I take steps to resolve the issues behind the anger by asking myself questions like, “What is it in me that brings this forward? What am I telling myself right now?” I am happier, and so are those around me.

What are your thoughts about this? What is your experience with anger? How do you handle it?

Anger Non-Management or It’s Pointless to Manage Your Anger

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It is possible to allow anger to be a useful tool in your life by using Anger Resolution rather than Anger Management. Anger can serve you if you know how to use it.

In numerology, anger is a symptom of a challenge. Your challenges are clearly defined in your Chaldean Soul Chart and are considered opportunities for self-mastery. If you resolve a challenge, you have a Master’s Degree in Challenge Resolution and have exponentially increased your level of Inner Peace.

But more about that later. Read the story now.

Long ago in a land far away, there was a world full of challenges. Nothing but challenges. Yet the people were happy . They laughed at their challenges. They rolled on the floor laughing at each other’s challenges. When someone tried to push their buttons, they couldn’t resist falling down laughing.

Life was hilarious. Even the corniest of jokes was funny. There was music everywhere, colors were brilliant and beautiful, work was fun, and production went nowhere but up. Prosperity ruled.

But then one day someone came along and changed all that. It was the Ogre of Seriousness. He pointed out how foolish everyone looked laughing at everything. He accused them of frivolity. He called them stupid.

The people were frightened. They began to doubt themselves. Pretty soon Life began to change. There was no more music, no more singing or joking, and things got pretty quiet when everyone decided that what they had to say was stupid.

Production shrank, deadlines were not met. Even the weather changed – gloomy every day. The people developed illnesses of every kind, and Life was hard. Babies cried all the time, dogs snarled, and cats yowled war cries every night.

Life was real and it was earnest. It was No Fun. Croissants turned to ashes in the mouth, you couldn’t find a fresh vegetable anywhere, and meat was covered with green slime.

The people became angry. They fought with each other constantly. No one had a good word for themselves or anyone else. The good words were gone – stolen by the Ogre while the people slept.

If, as it happened once in a blue moon, someone found a good word lying around due to the Ogre’s carelessness, they grabbed it up and hid it, since the Ogre had outlawed good words of every kind. People started to surreptitiously share these precious words. They began meeting in secret and whispering about the old days when everyone was happy.

Gradually their numbers began to grow, and they rose up against the Ogre of Seriousness. They fell upon his house, breaking down the door and surprising him in his bed early one morning. They surrounded him and began to laugh. They hooted, howled, guffawed, and hee-hawed; they fell on the floor laughing.

The Ogre was stunned. He was shocked. He began to smile; a strange experience, but not terrible. Then he began to chuckle, his eyes dancing in puzzlement. Soon he was powerless to resist the joy in the room and began laughing so hard, he fell out of bed. This created an even more raucous response from the people, who now rose up from the floor and began jumping up and down.

They were overcome with laughter and joy. They had their Lives back. They reached down and picked up the hysterically laughing Ogre. They put him up on their shoulders, carried him out of the house, and paraded him to the Town Square.

The Ogre was so overcome with joy and amazement, he forgot how to be angry. He enthusiastically glad-handed, back-slapped, and joked with the people. When the ruckus finally died down, he stood on the steps of the Town Hall and declared himself humbled and thanked the people for saving his life, for he had noticed a great change in himself. The constant aches and pains in his joints were beginning to disappear, the pounding in his head was subsiding, and he was free of heartburn for the first time in 20 years.

He asked the people to wait where they were; he had a surprise for them. With that, he entered the town hall and emerged a few minutes later with the biggest, fattest sack they had ever seen.

When the Ogre (who was now the Ogre of Joy) untied the string around the top, out floated all the good words he had stolen. They rose high into the air and exploded like the most beautiful fireworks in the world, and the now sparkling fragments floated down and caressed everyone, covering them with contentment.

And they lived happily ever after.

Definition of challenge,  Dictionary.com:

1. a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.

2. something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc.: Space exploration offers a challenge to humankind.

3. a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.

4. a demand to explain, justify, etc.: a challenge to the treasurer to itemize expenditures.

5. difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.

Definition of challenge, Numerology:

1. a recurring issue that annoys, enrages, or generally frustrates you

2. a life lesson that serves as a call to increase love and understanding of yourself and others

3. an opportunity for spiritual growth, no fighting necessary

4. a summons to look inside where the truth of the matter resides

5. a difficulty, the resolving of which leads to inner peace

As a psychotherapist, I believe all of us can master our challenges. I suspect many of my colleagues in the field of mental health would disagree.

Numerology has shown me that we chose particular challenges to bring with us to Planet Earth. Having chosen them, we must have the power to resolve them; to gradually whittle them down to nothing, leaving more room for our true natures to flourish.

Have you found ways to use your anger for good outcomes? What are your tips?

Numerology in Everyday Life: The Power of Personal Years

Are you frustrated by your finances, your relationships, your career, or your health? You may be resisting a very important yearly cycle. Everyone starts a new year twice each year. The obvious one, of course, is on January 1. The other one is when your Personal Year begins on your birthday.

I’ve been off the radar screen for a few weeks untying some pretty intricate knots in my psyche. I’ve never experienced anything like it before; especially going into relative isolation as I did; and significantly, a month before a new Personal Year was to begin. Doubt and hesitation had been nagging me for a while. Then it seemed as if a wall suddenly rose in front of me and I couldn’t go forward. I was stopped in my tracks. Being the psychotherapist that I am, I recognized issues that needed to be dealt with, so I let go and followed my emotions.

What came forward for me were issues of trust and love. Thanks to guidance from spirit and some powerful self-healing techniques, I have come through a challenging time with a positive shift in consciousness. I feel clearer than ever; like a purifying light has been turned on inside me, and I’m happy to be in touch again.

I am now experiencing deeper levels of trust and faith (giving up control – ack!). I do not pretend that my adventure with trusting is easy. Sometimes it feels like walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls without a net. The opening of my heart has given me a deeper sense of calm and peace along with new levels of excitement and enthusiasm for life. I’m experiencing new levels of compassion, and I feel deeply connected with spirit, with humanity, and with myself.

Paying attention to my feelings has given me countless opportunities to become the person I was born to be. Like most of us, I have my share of limiting beliefs that hold me back. And, like most of us, I have resistance to dealing with the issues behind them. But when I allow myself to face and resolve the unpleasant emotions that come forward, I experience freedom. I actually breathe more freely and feel lighter.

I’m moving from a Number 4 year to a Number 5 year; from a quiet time of building a firm foundation, getting all my ducks in a row, to a year of change and activity. The transition from one year to another can be challenging because you’re influenced by two vibrations; the old one is fading out and the new one is moving in. Consequently, the two energies can combine to produce uncertainty.

Moving into a Number 5 year sometimes makes me feel insecure about the future, since there are changes coming, sometimes fast and unexpected. That’s when I know I need to be thinking thoughts of what I want instead of what I fear. The positive side of a Number 5 year is that energy is moving, and it is easier to launch new projects. A Number 4 year is not the ideal time to launch new projects. It is excellent, however, for reorganizing, systematizing, and developing discipline in order to be ready for the action and changes coming up.

During my last Number 5 year (9 years ago), I moved, started a new job, bought a new car, and began a new romance. The move was an unpleasant surprise and had to be done fast. The other events followed easily and naturally as the year unfolded. I had no idea any of these things would occur. That’s how a Number 5 year can be.

Everyone on earth is experiencing a personal year right now. Many people are just entering a new one. Personal years are important because they lead us step by step through important 9-year cycles called Pinnacles. Personal years present experiences that allow us to evolve; if we don’t evolve, we get stuck. Each year in the 9-year cycle creates a natural progression from beginning to end. Each cycle enables us to expand more deeply into our life purpose and rise to new levels of fulfillment.

If your year is turning out to be a bumpy one, you may be resisting its energy. It’s like swimming against a strong current; a lot of work for little advancement. If you are feeling impatient or bored with the pace of your life, you may be in a slower, quieter year. Understanding can help you use the energy in a positive way.

I think it would be fun to talk about your personal year. If you agree, leave your first name and your birth month and day (don’t need the year) as a comment to this post, and I’ll share with you the focus of your Personal Year. When you are in harmony with the energy of your Personal Year, you are creating the life you were meant to live. I’d love to hear about your experiences.