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Emotional Causes of Disease

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you know, I’ve said that all disease originates in the emotions and spirit. Today I found an article on the emotional causes of fibromyalgia that I want to share with you.

Even though I don’t have the disease, I’ve been experiencing muscle pain. When I read a certain passage in this article, I began to cry. For me, that’s a clue that there’s something coming forward I need to pay attention to. My emotional reaction pinpoints the issue for me.

I’m going through a major shift in consciousness right now that is bringing up issues which, I discovered through this article, are expressing through muscle pain. My body is speaking to me loud and clear.

After reading the article, I practiced some healing techniques that helped reduce the pain significantly. I will continue practicing self-healing until the pain is gone and I am free of the issues.

Maybe you are experiencing disease or physical discomfort right now. I invite you to  explore this concept of disease and see if you can relate to it as I do. I Googled “spiritual cause of fibromyalgia” and found several articles. Here is the link to the article that spoke most strongly to me http://www.askclaudia.com/emotional-causes-fibromyalgia.htm. Besides the information about fibromyalgia, there is a lot of information about emotions and disease and some emotional healing techniques you may want to try.

You may want to look up a different symptom.

If you experience an emotional reaction in your exploration such as sadness, tears, resistance, defensiveness, anger, or fear chances are you’ve found your source for healing. Your body is speaking to you loud and clear.

Here’s the good news; even though it’s no fun to face your emotional issues, there are so many resources for healing today that you won’t be in pain much longer if you use those resources.

More good news; disease or discomfort is not your fault. We all have emotional history that goes back in time as we know it for unknown numbers of years, centuries, or eons. That history is captured in the cells of our bodies in the form of cellular memory.

We handle challenging, painful experiences in the best way we know how. You’ve already done the best you know how in those experiences. Now you have the power to resolve painful cellular memories. You can choose to move forward and give yourself the gift of healing.

I hope you do.

Live your purpose every day.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am honored to have been nominated by Patti Clark for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Patti is an inspiring blogger, author, and transformational teacher. I love these awards because I get to meet people like Patti. Thank you, Patti! Be sure to visit her blog, A Woman’s Guide.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

There are several requirements for this prestigious award, as follows:


1.   Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.

2.   Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3.   State seven things about yourself.

4.   Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.

5.   Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

1.   Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.

2.   Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3.   State seven things about yourself.

4.   Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.

5.   Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

Seven Things about Me

1.   I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and have lived in North Billerica, Massachusetts (between Boston and Lowell); Provincetown, Massachusetts (Cape Cod); Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia); Kirtland, Ohio (near Cleveland); Lafayette, Louisiana (Cajun country); Springfield, Missouri; Frankfurt, Germany; Washington, D.C.; Gaithersburg and Clarksburg, Maryland (near D.C.); and now reside in Delaware, Ohio (near Columbus).

2.   I love to travel, meet people from all over, and eat delicious local foods from all over.

3.   I am a coffee snob, and find the best tasting is frequently the most expensive; likewise, chocolate.

4.   I am thrilled to be reaching out to so many with my blog and to be meeting so many inspiring, joyful, creative, interesting people through it.

5.   I love the Internet because you can find anything you want, learn anything you would ever want to know, and communicate with people all over the world – knocks me over.

6.   I am so grateful to have written my book and to be sharing what I learned from numerology with those who are seeking direction and meaning in their lives.

7.   My life purpose is to live a deeply soulful, inspiring life with lightness and joy and share with others how to discover their soul’s purpose and create the life of their dreams.

These blogs inspire me with wisdom and laughter. Please visit and enjoy.

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Thanks again, Patti, for nominating me.

And thank you for reading and sharing on my blog. You make my day!

Live your purpose every day.

How to Be Happy

English: Emotions associated with happiness
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I was going to begin the New Year with a post about the number 5, the Universal Year Number for 2012, but that will be for next time. Instead, I want to share with you a podcast featuring Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, professors of spiritual psychology and co-founders of my alma mater, the University of Santa Monica.

In my mind, the most important thing about numerology is that it helps you to know your spiritual nature. In this interview, Ron and Mary talk about your spirit in a way that is easy to relate to and can help you take a deeper look at who you are.

Ron and Mary are talking with Lisa Cypers Kayman on Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio about how to have more love in your life by healing your upsets. They share some practical concepts and techniques that empower you to create loving relationships that last.

I invite you to click here and scroll down to December 7 to listen to this unique interview with two pioneers in the emerging field of spiritual psychology.

Let me know what you think.


Live your purpose every day.

Your Inner Self – The Engine that Drives You

L'icona di Easy Numerology
Image by OmarCaf via Flickr

The most fascinating thing I find about people is that, even if they are not interested or are not aware of their deeper spiritual life, they are always trying to express it. We come into this life on kind of an automatic pilot that, if we listen to it and allow it to lead us, will help us manifest the life we most deeply desire. Numerology is one way to reveal that automatic pilot within us.

Your Inner Self is one of the core qualities in your spiritual makeup and is derived from the vowels in your birth name. It is the quality that drives you, that motivates you, and that permeates every facet of your awareness. It influences your perception and everything you do. It is so much a part of you that you may not be aware of it.

Some numerologists say that your Inner Self represents your greatest desire; that which you strive to accomplish in everything you do. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description.

Finding Your Inner Self Number

To calculate your Inner Self number, you will need to use the Chaldean Conversion Code, below.

Chaldean Conversion Code


















































Print your birth name on a piece of paper. Next, place the number that corresponds to each vowel above that vowel in your name. Add all the numbers above the vowels in your first name together and write the sum above those numbers.

Now reduce that sum to a single digit, if necessary, and write it above the first sum. Do the same thing with your middle and last names. If you have a suffix like Junior or III after your name, calculate that in the same way. Spell out Junior.

Finally, add all the single-digit sums above each name together and reduce that sum to a single digit unless it is 11, 22, or 33, which are master numbers. Now you have your Inner Self number.

Brief Interpretations of the Inner Self Number

You will notice that there are positive and negative aspects to each number.

1          You want independence, you like action and accomplishment, and you are unique, creative, not one of the crowd. You are loyal and fair. You like to start things, but often get bored before you finish them. You can be impatient, bossy, arrogant, conceited, critical, selfish, and outspoken.

2          Your greatest desire is for peace and harmony. You are thoughtful, loving, devoted, and loyal; you love the comfort of a nice, soft chair and camaraderie with friends and loved ones. You tend to let people run over you because you crave peace at any price. You don’t tell people what you want if you think it might displease them. You tend to take everything personally.

3          You love to express yourself through speaking, writing, or acting. You love to be happy and love to make other people happy. You are an optimist and, if you worry, it’s not for long. You can be a drama king/queen. You are so versatile, you can end up scattering your energy in all directions with your fingers in too many pies.

4          You are a builder, and your greatest desire is for structure, steadiness, and routine. You are practical, analytical, reliable, orderly, dependable, and methodical. You can be inflexible, stubborn, a perfectionist, impatient with those you perceive as undisciplined or disorganized.

5          Your greatest desire is for freedom, and you avoid routine. You like variety, adventure, travel, new places, and new faces. You can be stubborn when you perceive others trying to limit your freedom. Excess of all kinds is a stumbling block for you.

6          Your greatest desire is to have love, justice, and harmony in the world. Home, family, and community are vital to you. You tend to become emotionally involved in other people’s troubles, worrying about them and creating stress for yourself.

7          You are curious and seek knowledge. You love mystery, and seek to understand the unknown whether in the field of science or metaphysics. You can be high strung and hard to get along with because you are sensitive to everything around you. You need to make time to be alone and decompress.

8          You love power, material possessions, and the feeling of accomplishment. You are a born leader, and you thrive in the director’s chair. You can be impatient, a tyrant, and a dictator when things don’t go your way.

9          Love for humanity drives you. You dream of helping mankind in a big way. You are the universal big sister or big brother. You can be impractical and indecisive.

11        You are inspired by the spiritual, but are not necessarily religious; you love to explore the unseen. You are idealistic and see the world full of beauty and infinite potential. You may love ideals more than people. You can be stubborn, hasty, and domineering.

22        You are driven by making dreams come true. You have high ideals with one foot in the physical and one in the spiritual world. You thrive on converting ideas into practical reality. Your desire for perfection can alienate people. You are susceptible to the down side of the number 4.

33        Love and service drive you. You desire that everyone know how magnificent they are. You can see the good in everyone, no matter what others may say or think. You tend to sacrifice yourself for others, creating difficulty in your own life.

When you are expressing a negative aspect of a number, it means that you are confused, not that you are bad or somehow lacking. You can use your negative expression as information telling you that you are treating yourself poorly in some way. It is an indication that it’s time to get back in balance.

This is a long post, but I hope it has been helpful to you. I welcome your questions and comments.

Live your purpose every day.

Speaking With Family Members Who Have Died

What would you want to talk about?

my tree at dusk

Actually, I have spoken to several family members who have died. But the conversations weren’t about their earthly lives. More about that later.

I’d like to know more about my father’s life because he was an interesting person and a very classy man. I would like to sit down with my aunts and get all the family gossip. The wild one and my mother were good friends in high school, and my favorite aunt, who was the oldest, told me some tales about those two before she died.

Actually, I had a conversation with my favorite aunt several months (maybe a year) after she died. She came to see me and made her presence known by trying to get into my body.

As I was going about some mundane business one day, the back of my neck began to tingle and I felt dizzy. At first I was startled, but after I cleared my energy I understood what was happening.

Like many who pass on, my aunt had been visiting people she knew when she was present on the earth plane. She seemed confused and frustrated because she didn’t have a body any more. And she didn’t like my apartment at all. She wanted to be in her house, which she loved.

We had a conversation about her present state and the possibilities that were open to her, and she agreed to go with her spirit guides into the light. Two other souls were with her, who may have been my wild aunt and my mother. They went into the light with her, and it was more important to me to facilitate that than to take time to verify who they were. Besides, Auntie was in a hurry, and I wasn’t about to hold her up.

My mother, my wild aunt, and my grandfather have come to me on different occasions, probably because they somehow knew I could help them. I’ve had unique contact experiences with my mother and father, and will write about them another time.

I’m glad I was with my loved ones once more before they went on and that I was able to help them when they asked for it.

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How to Find Your Purpose

The power of purpose
Image by net_efekt via Flickr

Are you living your life or reacting to life? Is your life fulfilling, or is there something missing? You are a very important person. You are the expression of divine creation. You have a specific life purpose. Many people have no idea they have a life purpose. They don’t think of themselves as important enough to have a purpose. Many may know they have a purpose, but don’t know how to find it.

Symptoms of Seeking Your Purpose

We are living in a time of global awakening, and an important part of that awakening is searching for your purpose in life. If you are experiencing frustration with your life, it could be an indication of your personal awakening. Your spiritual self knows your purpose and is trying to live it. If you are not in alignment with your purpose, your spirit may be letting you know you need to make some adjustments.

If you are not clear about your life purpose, you may be experiencing the following symptoms. You may be struggling with a sense of urgency that there’s something you need to do, but you don’t know what it is. You may be feeling empty or you may have a sense that there is something more, even though you are considered successful. You may be feeling exhausted, frustrated, or confused. Maybe you’re just tired of the same old thing, or maybe you lack direction.

My experience is typical. Even though I was living my life purpose, I felt restless. I had a feeling that there was something missing, and I was longing to know what it was. I was around age 35, when most people begin to take stock of their lives. Although I was unaware of it, a new and important numerological influence was coming into my life – the power boost for the rest of my life. When I discovered my Chaldean Soul Chart and understood its influence, I felt secure – as if I had come home.

Around the ages 35-45, we begin to awaken to more possibilities. If we are not following our life path, this time is described as a mid-life crisis. Unaware of what is happening to us, we may search for fulfillment by acquiring more things, such as our dream car, a big house with a pool, or a new relationship. In the long run, we find that these things do not fulfill us. There’s nothing wrong with acquiring things; it’s the reason for doing so that’s important.

The function of the midlife cycle is to prepare us to do our greatest work. If we are following our life plan, we begin our greatest work in our early 50s. Our whole life has been leading up to this time. It can be the most satisfying and fulfilling period of life if we are following our plan.

Why is Your Purpose Important?

Each of us has something special within us that no one else has. Our uniqueness contributes to the well-being of everyone on earth. No one is unimportant; nothing is unimportant. Your life affects everyone whether your dream is to be a homemaker or a rocket scientist. If you are living a fulfilling life, you are raising the energy of the entire world.

It’s important to live your purpose because your life plan contains critical goals you, as a soul, have set for your fulfillment. You deserve to live a joyful, miraculous, adventurous life. You are a brilliant creation meant to express your unique talents and abilities in the world.

Many of us have learned to put our dreams on hold in order to provide for ourselves and our families. We say we’ll start enjoying life when we retire, when the kids are out of school, or when the life situation of our choice has been fulfilled. But by the time we reach that place, we may have forgotten our dream or may have lost the impetus to achieve it.

No matter what your level of education is, you have already created the most important plan you will ever conceive of – your life plan. By utilizing it, you can achieve your Master of Life degree.

How to Discover Your Purpose

Numerology provides a quick, easy way to discover your life purpose. Numerology is an occult science that is emerging as a practical tool in modern times. It provides evidence of the work you and your spirit guides did before you appeared on earth. Many feelings, thoughts, and impressions you’ve had all your life will be confirmed when you discover your purpose.

There is a specific school of numerology called the Chaldean school that provides the best system for revealing your life purpose. My book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology, is one of the few written about Chaldean numerology. You can find it on www.lulu.com. It shows you how to reveal your life purpose by learning to create your Chaldean Soul Chart.

The book is written in two sections. Part I shows you how and why numbers can tell you so much about yourself. It clarifies and demystifies the occult world and shows how ancient sciences can help us in the modern world. Part II introduces the mechanics of numerology and shows you how to create and interpret your own Chaldean Soul Chart.

Your Chaldean Soul Chart is organized in two sections; the first section indicates your Core Qualities. Your Core Qualities pertain to your personality and values. They also reveal your specific purpose, the way you intend to accomplish it, your prime motivator, your lifestyle, and the power boost you chose to activate at around age 35. The second section indicates your Cycles. The Cycles section contains four subsections; your Pinnacles, Challenges, Personal Years and Months, and Unfinished business.

The Cycles section illustrates your past, present, and future. It shows the types of experiences you chose to attract to enhance your purpose and strengthen you (Pinnacles), those experiences that will challenge you and trip you up (Challenges), challenges you may have brought with you from past lives (Unfinished Business), and your personal yearly and monthly influences.

You Deserve Your Best Life

It’s never too late to live your purpose. Even if you are not in a position to make radical changes in your life, there are ways you can begin to incorporate your purpose into your life on a part-time basis or as a hobby. You will be rewarded by the sense of excitement and aliveness you experience.

I hope you use my book to help you create a joyous, fulfilling, and exciting life beyond your wildest dreams. Click on the Lulu button to your right to download it now.

A Spiritual Life – What is That?

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There are so many different notions about spiritual living; living as a nun cloistered behind walls, living as a clergy person caring for your flock, as a monk in a cave or monastery, as a hermit, as someone who spends an hour a day in meditation. Does it mean spending hours in church, in synagogue or mosque? Does it mean living perpetually guilt- and error-free? Obviously, it means different things to different people.

Here’s what it means to me. We are all living spiritual lives every single minute of every single day, because we are spiritual beings living a physical experience. We are spirit eternally, physical temporarily. That doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Many religious people believe that the spiritual is better than the physical. I think we’re smarter than that.

I don’t know why spiritual beings would choose a realm to live in that was inferior to the one they came from. My opinion is that the physical realm presents many challenges and many ideal opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth. It is the perfect place for the expression of joy, fulfillment, and success of all kinds. Many of us need to get past the worry and fear of failure before we can experience the joy, fulfillment, and success. But, no big deal (it really is a big deal; the secret is not to worry about it).

To me, a huge reason (I can’t say the only reason because I don’t have all the answers) we become unhappy is that we are not living in alignment with our spirit and its expression for this lifetime. I’m talking about life purpose. Have you ever noticed that highly successful people are having more fun than anyone else? I mean, just think about celebrities like Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, or whoever you pay attention to. They talk about how they love what they do. They have boundless energy and nothing seems to stop them from accomplishment. These are the people who know what they’re here for and pull out all the stops to express it. Maybe you know someone like that, and you think how lucky they are.

Maybe you have days when everything goes right for you and you can’t imagine ever having any problems. For me, no matter what challenges come forward in my day, when I write, it’s a great day and I’m happy. It’s like living on chocolate and hot cross buns – nothing can beat it.

How many of us take those days seriously? That is, how many of us see to it that we have days like that every day? How many of us even think having one day like that is possible? I’m not suggesting you quit your job, run off to Tahiti, or find some other way to drop out. We all know that’s unrealistic. But what if we found a way to give ourselves a few minutes each day for some expression of enjoyment? Something we love to do. Maybe reading a book, learning about something important to us, spending a few minutes focused on our loved ones with no distractions – you name it. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time unless you have a lot of time. Those few minutes could turn into your next career or into a hobby that sustains your spirit.

For too long, we have entertained the thought that, as grownups, we have to be productive no matter what, and being productive is all business. If we’re not what we call “productive” we are failures. We are over-worked, over-stressed, over-irritated, over-weight, over-something, and it’s not fun. We are too important to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world to continue this downward spiral. Maybe part of being productive is making time to find more enjoyment.

Happily, we are also becoming more aware of the importance of taking better care of ourselves – of paying closer attention to the Self within. Many are wondering what their purpose in life is.

There are different ways to learn what your chosen purpose is. You can pursue your interests until you find the one that you can’t live without – the one that becomes your passion. This could take a while. I prefer the direct route. For me, that was Chaldean numerology. My Chaldean Soul Chart confirmed the inner awareness I had been ignoring for years because of my limited perception. My Chaldean Soul Chart woke me up. It showed me the path of maximum fulfillment, and I became excited about my life.

To learn more about your purpose, click on the Lulu button at the top of the page and download my book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology. It will start you on the adventure of a lifetime.

How Important Is Your Name?

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It’s more important than you might think. Because of the way our universe is set up, every sound, every thought, is broadcast into infinity. Every time you or someone else says your name, every time you sign your name, its vibrational energy is broadcast throughout the universe. It is part of your spiritual identity and takes up space just as your body does, but not in the same way. Your birth name is your spiritual fingerprint. That’s why numerologists require your name as it appears on your birth certificate, even if misspelled, in order to cast an accurate profile.

 What about name changes and nicknames?

If you change your name, assume a nickname that becomes your main identifier, or if you take your spouse’s name when you get married, the new vibration has an influence on your life. The new name acts as an overlay on your birth name. It’s important that the energy of the overlay be harmonious with your spiritual fingerprint.

I had a couple of clients who illustrate this perfectly. They both changed their names because they didn’t like the ones they were given at birth. Neither one knew anything about numerology when they did this. One client was very unhappy with her life. When I discovered that she had changed her name, I calculated both names and found that her new name was in opposition to her birth name, aggravating her challenges and sapping her strengths. I helped her create a harmonious relationship between her two names just by changing the spelling of her new name. Another client who had changed her name had the opposite result. She had chosen a name that was in harmony with her birth name. Instead of adding more challenges to her life, her new name strengthened her.

I love to read biographies because I learn so much about people (including myself). I always calculate the numbers of especially intriguing and influential people I read about. When I learned from his biography that President Clinton had changed his name as a boy, I just had to calculate both his names. What I found is a clear example of the power of a name.

Bill Clinton’s Name Change

It’s easy to see, in the numbers of his birth name (William Jefferson Blythe III), the enormous charisma, intelligence, and brilliance of the man. There are two Master numbers in the core-number section of his chart. It is rare to find one Master number in a profile, let alone two. Master numbers are not about life being handed to someone on a silver platter. People with Master numbers possess a high level of intensity in the quality the number represents and a responsibility to use this quality for the higher good. I see Master numbers as another level of expression in the journey of life, and they can be as challenging as any other number. The two remaining numbers in this section show Clinton’s genuine love of people and his innate ability to relate to everyone he meets. His core numbers explain why others find him so extremely charming. His high level of sexuality is also evident in his core numbers.

Something else I see even more rarely than Master numbers is a lack of unfinished business. Unfinished business comes from an unwillingness to resolve challenges from former lives. They act as additional challenges in the present life. William Jefferson Blythe III is one of the few to come into this world with no unfinished business.

Looking at his name change (William Jefferson Clinton), I find that the qualities of warmth and inspiration in his birth name are overlaid with a need for power and a tendency toward willfulness and arrogance. These same influences leave him chasing, chasing, chasing, feeling that he can never do enough, get enough, be enough. There is a quality of distance between himself and others that makes it easy for him to dominate whenever he wants to. These core numbers influence him to be self indulgent and to take the easy way out when he gets into trouble. I can see some of these qualities in the chart of his birth name, but they are in secondary positions and could be less intrusive in his life without the name change influences. A quality in the core numbers of his birth name that could mitigate these imbalances is missing in his name change. It is the quality of introspection, seeking truth, connecting with spirit that could help him become more balanced, mature, and fulfilled. Bill Clinton’s name change gives him negative qualities that aggravate his challenges, such as opportunism, lack of responsibility, and dishonesty.

Bill’s profile is strongly compatible with Hillary’s, especially his name change profile. They are both pioneers focused on leadership and inspiration, which makes it hard to get along with each other when they are out of balance. Neither one is a stabilizing influence on the other. Both are idealistic with a strong desire to be of service to humanity. However, they need a stabilizing influence to keep them from indulging in excessive behavior that results in doing more harm than good.

I’ve enjoyed sharing this with you, and I hope you have gained from it, as well. Make it a great day.