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This is Passiflora × belotii. Photo taken in t...
This is Passiflora × belotii. Photo taken in the Peninsula of Baja California, Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How It Works

I’m reading “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart, which is about further discoveries in the Unified Field, and it inspired me to share this excerpt of my book with you which explains how numerology works. It is from Part I of the book, (The Foundation) which talks about the spiritual energy of who we are and how we create with it. Part II (The Technology)

contains the formulas and interpretations that enable you to build and understand your unique numerological profile, called your Chaldean Soul Chart.


You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology

Chapter 3: The Mystery of Numbers

Known as the father of numbers, Pythagoras said, “The world is built upon the power of numbers.”

Galileo is perhaps the first in Western science to clearly state that the laws of nature are mathematical. In The Assayer he wrote “Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe … It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures; . . .”


Sacred Geometry

The Fibonnaci Series

If you take a close look at nature, you will see numbers everywhere. Look at a sunflower, for example. You can easily see the spiral patterns in the middle of the flower. If you count the seed heads, you will find that they are arranged in a series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. Each number is the sum of the two that precede it. If you divide each number by the number that follows it, you come close to the number 0.618, which is the measure of ideal proportions. This is the Fibonacci series, named for its creator, an Italian mathematician named Leonardo Fibonacci, in 1202. Here is a wonderful picture of this and a more detailed explanation.


The Golden Section

The ratio of 0.618 is known as the divine proportion, or the golden section, which has been used by artists and architects since ancient times to establish ideal geometrical proportions in their work. The Fibonacci series and the golden section are two elements of what is termed Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things, and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself.


Platonic Solids

Another element of Sacred Geometry is exemplified in the Platonic Solids, five geometric shapes that are the foundation of everything in the physical world. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more of the Platonic Solids. Modern scholars ridiculed this idea until the 1980s, when Professor Robert Moon at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements—literally everything in the physical world—is based on these same five forms!

Designs of the world’s great cathedrals and holy places are based on the principles of Sacred Geometry. The ancients knew that the beautiful patterns and intricate codes and measurements of Sacred Geometry were symbolic of our own spirit and the subtle structure of awareness. They believed that Sacred Geometry actually formed energy patterns in the structures they built that helped create the serenity and peace that was essential to the experience of being connected to the Creator.


The Meaning of Numbers

All of life is explained or expressed in numbers. Numbers give us concrete references about the size and shape of everything and about the relationships between objects. Statistics measure everything from thought patterns and behaviors to the average number of television sets per household. Abstract mathematical formulas bring the unseen into the material world, as in the invisible particles and waves discovered through quantum physics.

Numbers give us the means to measure the energy radiating from our bodies, as well as the area of our living rooms. Numbers are the interpreters of energy, whether seen or unseen. Numbers reveal the harmony of the universe, as in the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci series, and the Platonic Solids. Numbers help us bring ideas into reality.

Numerology is an ancient and respected number system that expresses the unseen in us; our soul’s purpose, the mystery of who we are. Once you know the formulas I am going to show you, your life will no longer be a mystery to you.

Your thoughts?


Live your purpose every day.

Psychic Etiquette

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As we learned growing up, it’s important to have good manners. One important reason for that is, it keeps us out of trouble. It is equally important to have good manners when we are involved in any kind of psychic or intuitive activity, such as meditation, developing our four psychic expressions, using a Ouija board (see my post on that one), or giving a psychic reading of any type. And, it’s an excellent way to be organized with your personal spiritual energy.

You are a bundle of electromagnetic energy. Every thought you think affects your electromagnetic energy. Your EM energy penetrates and surrounds your body in a bubble, and some people (Clairvoyant types) can easily see this energy in the form of an aura. The rest of us can learn to see auras, too.

When you are happy and relaxed, your aura can expand to 6 – 12 feet in diameter around you. When you are upset (angry, afraid, tense, stressed) your aura can shrink to within 6 inches or less of your body. When you are sick your aura shrinks, as well. When our auras shrink, we feel vulnerable. The size of the average aura (when you are feeling more or less neutral) is 2 – 3 feet. At http://www.kevinhogan.com/aura.htm, you can read about an experiment with auras.

There are two points to psychic etiquette. The first one is clarity. If you are confused, tired, upset, etc., you will not be able to pick up impressions accurately, and you may act on something in error. To receive clear impressions in meditation or while giving readings, your energy field must be clear.

There are different ways to clear your energy field. I’ll share with you the way I learned to do it. Sit comfortably with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose to relax yourself. Imagine that your body is filled with white light. Take your time. Now allow the white light to expand until it surrounds you in a ball of light. You can say something like, “In the name of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within me, I cleanse my body and I cleanse my soul,” or “I invoke the light of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within, I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Visualize the light and repeat the affirmation as many times at it takes to bring forward a feeling of relaxation and peace. By this time you will be feeling chills or tingling sensations. This is the indication I use to let me know that my energy is at its clearest possible point, and I proceed with meditation.

You can also use a physical process along with the mental. As you repeat the affirmation, you can rub your hands vigorously together and past them over your head and down the back of your neck. Then shake your hands and pass them over your head and the back of your neck again. Repeat the process until you feel at peace and a tingling sensation or chills. You can touch your head and neck or not, whichever you choose. It works both ways.

In addition to meditation, I use the clearing process before a business appointment, before I sit down at my computer to write, when I get upset, to clear my mind or sharpen my focus, after I’m through working at my computer and ready to move on to something else. I used to clear my energy before and after I saw each of my counseling clients. You can use it before you go to work in the morning or to clear your mind at work. You can use it when you leave work to make sure you don’t take work energy home with you. There are so many ways you can use the clearing process.

It is important to be deliberate with your energy. It is up to you to manage your energy. When something happens to upset you, you have the power to clear your energy and move on. You can teach others to monitor their own energy, too. Children like to do the physical process, and they appreciate the ability to be in charge of their energy.

The second point of psychic etiquette is, don’t be nosey. Everyone spontaneously picks up impressions from other people. But some people believe they can read minds and are tempted to try. If you go spying on someone else, like trying to read their mind or trying to make them do what you want them to do, you will be inviting trouble. Each one of us has subconscious boundaries; our privacy settings are pretty high. Being nosey with your psychic senses only causes other people to automatically reinforce their subconscious boundaries and, consequently, causes confusion in you. So don’t even bother; you’re wasting your time.

When you are doing a reading for someone, you have their permission to enter their energy field. This is the only time it is ethical to do so. By the way, if you clear your energy before receiving a psychic reading, you will make it easier for the reader to help you. Many readers ask you to do this. If you sense that the reader is tired or stressed, you may want to reschedule your appointment because the reader won’t be clear enough to give you an accurate reading.

I hope this article is helpful to you, and I’m excited to hear about your experiences with the clearing process. I would love to hear from those of you who use other clearing processes, as well.

Are You Psychic? What Do You Think?

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Many people would say “No”, to this question, “Only a few people with special abilities are psychic.” But as we move closer to the Aquarian Age, more and more people are becoming aware that everyone is psychic. Everyone has a sixth sense, sometimes called extra-sensory perception. Most people are afraid of extra-sensory perception because they don’t understand it. I think it’s time to lift the veil from psychic matters and reveal the truth.

If you told me you’d never had a hunch about something, I wouldn’t believe you. Think back to a time when you had an impression about the way something would turn out, and it turned out that way. Or you saw a series of numbers in your mind and, if you had played them, you would have won the lottery. Or you had a thought about someone and they called you on the phone. Or you walked into a room and immediately felt right at home or very uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

That’s psychic awareness. The original Greek meaning of the word, psychic, is of the soul, mental. Psychic phenomena are feared by many because they occur beyond our physical senses where we can’t see them. But there are familiar expressions of psychic energy that we experience every day. Our thoughts exist in the spirit world. You can’t hold a thought in your hand. Our soul energy, the energy that drives our bodies, is spiritual energy. We are animated by the invisible energy of our spirit, which we take for granted, along with our thoughts.

One way to understand psychic energy is to label it. Psychic awareness is manifested through four expressions: precognition (inner knowing), clairaudience (inner voice or words/inner hearing), clairvoyance (mental pictures/inner vision), and clairsentience (inner feeling and sensation). Everyone has experienced all four of these expressions. Everyone uses all four of them almost every day.

Here is an exercise you can do to make your psychic perception more real. Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and make a list of the four means of psychic perception listed above. Then, starting at the top of the list, write down an experience with each expression. I bet you will be surprised.

While we have all four means of psychic perception, each of us uses one primarily, with the others falling in line behind it, and the primary one reflects our personality type.

If you use precognition primarily, you are very sensitive to your environment (including other people), you like to daydream, you like to sleep late and go to bed late, your office or home may be messy but you always know where things are, you often know how events or circumstances will turn out, you have prophetic dreams, you’re good at spotting trends, and you think about the future. Some of you are trance channels.

If you are primarily clairvoyant, you like order and cleanliness, many of you wear glasses, you smile when you are angry, you always look neat and attractive, you are precise, you express yourself clearly, you like schedules, you are choosey about people and things,  you think in pictures, and you can see auras (energy around people and things).

If you are primarily clairaudient, you are a natural leader, you think big and leave the details to others, you take your time to figure things out then act quickly, you can’t think clearly in messy surroundings, you look well-put-together because you like to be organized, you think in words and ideas, you don’t usually like to be touched, you hear the still, small voice within, and a person’s tone of voice tells you more about them than the words they are saying.

If you are primarily clairsentient, you are easygoing, you like comfort in clothing and in your environment, many of you are not fussy about your appearance, you are a detail person, you have a great deal of physical energy, you are friendly to everyone, you are a toucher; shaking hands with someone tells you a lot about the person, you like to be touched, you think in feelings and sensations, and you are can pick up impressions by touching or holding objects (psychometry).

Which personality type do you relate to the most? In which category would you place your family or friends? After you evaluate them, it would be fun to let them read this post and see where they would place themselves.

So, what does this mean? How can you use it in your life? That’s for next time when I will talk about how to use your sixth sense in practical ways in your everyday life.