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What is Success?

Do you consider yourself a success? If not, why not? To be honest, it doesn’t matter whether you think you’re successful or not. At this moment you are a success because you are here this minute. You showed up. If you are breathing, you are successful.

The truth is, you are successful no matter what your situation in life is – even if you feel like a failure. If you are calling yourself a failure, just think about this – if you’re breathing, you have nowhere to go but up.

But what if you want more? What about that great job, making lots of money, the big house full of beautiful furniture and mega technology, the perfect children, all those degrees that make you smarter, being the perfect parent, closets full of clothes, etc., etc.? Aren’t these signs of success? I think most of us know that these certainly are signs of success. And we know that these are signs of outer success. But there’s more to success.

How do you feel inside? Are you pretty much stress free? Are you in good health? Do you love your life? Do you feel self confident? Are there people in your life who love you unconditionally, whom you love unconditionally? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Is your behavior (most of the time) a reflection of your inner divinity? Not only that, do you realize you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and, as such, you have the qualities to create the life you’ve always wanted – without struggle, striving, and competition?

These are some of the signs of inner success. In order to be truly successful, we need the qualities of inner success to guide us in achieving outer success. The qualities of inner success help us achieve what we want and make it possible to enjoy sharing our wealth with others.

Many who appear successful don’t know what success is. We all know of wealthy, powerful people who are on their fifth or sixth spouse, who have no family life, who have health problems, emotional problems, and money problems (it doesn’t matter how much money they have, it’s still a problem).

Are they truly successful? They certainly have surpassed the basic standard of success. They are breathing. Are they contented with what they have? Do they respect themselves and others? In my view, they have a big piece of the pie but they can’t taste it because they don’t know who they are.

What if it’s true that you are successful just because you are here on earth? What if your opportunity (should you decide to accept it) is only to be who you are – to develop the talents you brought with you? What if enjoying life is an essential part of your purpose? What if facing and healing your challenges is a fantastic opportunity to create more happiness in your life? What if you’ve shown up just when the world needs you?

It doesn’t matter whether you are becoming the next Mother Teresa, or  loving life as the best dishwasher ever.

Success is really an inside job.

Live your purpose, love your life!

A Blast of Enlightenment

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English: Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse Oneindige knoop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I subscribe to “Notes from the Universe” and receive an inspirational email from the Universe every day. The impact of this one was so profound for me, I just had to share it with you. I hope it may help all who read it re-discover the magnificent spiritual being that you are and the importance of your presence in the world. Forthwith, this wealth of wisdom.

The Top 10 Things About Time and Space That Most People Seem to Forget

10.    You chose to be here and you knew what you were doing.

9.    There are no “tests” and you’re not being judged.

8.    Everyone’s doing their best, with what they know.

7.    You already have whatever you’re looking for.

6.    You are of the Divine, pure God, and so is everyone else.

5.    Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion.

4.    You’re naturally inclined to succeed – at everything you do.

3.    You happen to life, life does not happen to you.

2.    Order, healing, and love belie every moment of chaos, pain, and fear.

1.    Following your heart is the best way to help others.

The truth shall set you free,

The Universe

To explore more, visit www.tut.com

How to Find the Perfect Job

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Do Be Do Be Do or Be Do Be Do Be?

Do you judge yourself as successful? Most people judge success by outer standards; for example, how much money they make. If they have a job they judge as “good” and they’re meeting their income goals, they judge themselves as successful. Inwardly, they may be sick and tired, they may be compromising their values, their relationships may be hanging by a thread, but they are “successful.”

Conversely, if people judge themselves as lacking with respect to job and income, they often see themselves as unsuccessful, no matter how happy they may be in other areas of life.

In Western culture, especially in the U.S., we are obsessed with the idea of doing – accomplishing goals, making more money, having better things. While there is nothing wrong with that, making it our first priority is leading us away from our purpose in life; to be fulfilled.

I know of a father who preached to his young children that they should aim for a certain profession because they would make more money in it than in any other. He said nothing about inner satisfaction or following their passion. If they followed his advice, they may be among the overworked, stressed-out, “successful” millions who are living someone else’s values, not their own.

Job/career and life seem to be two separate entities for many people. Do you feel split in two? Are you one person on the job and another at home? Who is the real you?

Your perfect job is the one that is the reflection of who you are inside, giving you fulfillment and satisfaction according to your real interests and passion. Inward success creates real (not false) outward success.

Try Changing Your Focus

Think of yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience. In this paradigm, you see that spirit is first and physical follows. When you follow your spirit, you know who you are and what you are doing here. In other words, to get that brilliant job, find your life purpose. When you discover your purpose, you are fulfilled by expressing who you are in all the facets of your life, including your career. When you follow your purpose, your life automatically lines up with who you are and begins to flow smoothly.

Use Many Resources to Find Your Purpose

There are many good ways to find your life purpose. I just Googled “how to find life purpose” and found pages and pages of links. There are books, DVDs, CDs, seminars, career coaches, and web sites, including this blog, all dedicated to helping you find your purpose.

All you need to do is to get out of the way and let your heart take over. Click on any link, explore every resource that attracts you. Try different exercises. It takes dedication and persistence. When tears are running down your cheeks, you’ll know you’re home.

One More Resource

I have used several good resources and exercises to help me find my life purpose. But I didn’t get that heart-felt response until I found a small book by W. Mykian that showed me how to find my purpose by using Chaldean numerology. This special type of numerology helped me discover my purpose in a matter of hours.

When I calculated my numbers, all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that was my life suddenly came together and presented me with a clear illustration of my entire life plan, including directions for how to live it. I laughed, I cried, and I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I ‘d been searching for a long time.

Numerology Works for Everyone

It was easy for me to accept numerology as a valid tool for personal growth, since I am a born mystic, but it may not be easy for you. Perhaps you think numerology is nothing but hocus-pocus or airy-fairy new-age feel-good fluff. But numerology is really an ancient science of  the spirit – the unseen. Maybe you don’t believe you are spirit or that you have a purpose in life. But it doesn’t matter whether you believe or not. It will work for you.

If you are “successful” but feel there is something missing in your life, it’s a sign you are searching for your purpose. If you regret that you’ve never reached your full potential, it’s a sign you are looking for your purpose. If you are frustrated by a lack of direction, it’s a sign you are seeking your specific path in life. If you are one of the many millions who hate their jobs, it’s a sign you are looking for your life purpose.

Numerology is quick and easy to do and is a life-long guide. I use my Chaldean Soul Chart to help me remember who I am and where I’m going. It helps me focus on my strengths and use my power to resolve challenges, strengthen my relationships, stay healthy, and prepare for the future.

Use every opportunity in service to your personal growth. Open your mind to numerology so your heart can tell you whether or not it is right for you. Find out more about my book by clicking on the Select Authors image.

Live your purpose every day.

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

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This is a rewrite of the original article, which I posted on Monday. My Tuesday writers group had so many insightful suggestions to make it better, I had to do it over. My thanks to them, and I hope you find it more informative than the original.

Many people are living one life and desiring another. Many people are not aware that they have a specific purpose in life. Many people are living someone else’s life instead of their own. Many compare their achievements to outer standards of success and attempt to emulate them instead of listening to their hearts.

Last week, I wrote about your Life Purpose number – the one that shows you what you were born to do with your life. This week, I’m going to talk about your Life Direction number. It’s the number that shows you how you chose to live your purpose.


Your Direction number is calculated from the numbers in your birth date. It’s easy to calculate your Direction number. To show you, I’ll use the birth date 12/24/1942.

The first step is to add each number together and reduce the sum to a single digit:

12: 1 + 2 = 3

24: 2 + 4 = 6

1942: 1 + 9 + 4 + 2 = 16; 1 + 6 = 7.

Now add the three single-digit sums together:

3 + 6 + 7 = 16: 1 + 6 = 7.

Direction number for this birth date is 7.

There isn’t enough room in a blog post to interpret all twelve Direction numbers, but you can find number interpretations on many numerology sites or you can get my book to see the interpretations and to calculate and interpret your entire chart. You can also get free numerology readings online, but none of them I’ve seen use the Chaldean method of calculation, which is the one I use and is accurate, unlike the system most numerologists use.

On the physical plane, your Direction number indicates your most fulfilling profession or lifestyle. You can use this number to guide you in choosing the right career. On a spiritual level, your Direction number reflects the talents and abilities you were born with, and they are expressed in activities you love to do.

For example, if your Direction number is 2, you like to be part of a team, you can get along with almost anyone, you can bring peace and balance into any situation, you are innately psychic, and you are sensitive to the feelings of others. Your profession could be that of a diplomat, an athlete, a member of the medical profession, a counselor, depending on the other numbers that represent your Core Qualities.

Your Direction and Purpose numbers work together to frame your life purpose. For example, using the Direction number of 2 with a Purpose number 8, which deals with physical possessions and management, managing a health-care business could be fulfilling. The 2 in combination with a purpose number of 9, the number of the humanitarian, may indicate international travel as a diplomat or a representative of a humanitarian organization as a career choice.

These number combinations are influenced by the three other numbers representing your core qualities; your Inner Self number, your Outer Self number, and your Midlife Power number, which I will talk about in future articles.

Your life purpose is reflected in the qualities, talents, and preferences that comprise your spiritual makeup, which, in turn, creates your personality. These qualities have been with you since the day you were born. They are part of your innate, subconscious knowledge, and you automatically live by their influence.

Numerology provides a formula that brings this subconscious knowledge to your conscious mind by transforming it into specific information you can easily understand and use in logical, rational ways.

Is your outer life reflecting your inner self? Are your words accurately reflecting your feelings? If so, you are living an authentic life. Pat yourself on the back because you have the commitment to follow your spirit.

If you are not satisfied with the way your life is going, you can change it. The first step is to look inside and get to know yourself. Pay attention to the things you love. If you love gardening, get more involved with it. If you love doing crafts or artwork, make time to do more. If you love taking things apart and putting them back together, follow that passion. If you love helping people, find a way to do that. Do the thing that brings you the most joy.

You are the architect of your life purpose. Deep in your heart you have the answers to all your questions. You already have everything you need to create the life you want. The clues are inside you. Follow your passions. Numerology can help you see clearly the changes you need to make.

Once you make the decision to know yourself and be who you really are, you will attract the right people to help you move forward. You will be attracted to the right information and the right situations to help you unfold your true self. All you need to do is decide.

My book, “You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology,” can get you started moving in the right direction. It is a powerful tool that shows you who you are, what you are doing here, and where you are going. You can sample it by clicking on the “Select Authors” image on the right.

You truly were born to succeed. Success is an inside job.



Live your purpose every day.

What Makes You Happy?

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What if, as you lay on your death bed, you realized your goal in life was to be happy? At this point in your life, would you consider yourself on the path to fulfilling that goal?

Are you waiting until retirement to have a happy life? Do you think you are too old to have a happy life? Do you think having a happy life is a selfish goal? Are other people or circumstances preventing you from enjoying life?

If so, I invite you to consider that you don’t know your own strength. If you knew yourself as I know you, you would already be living a happy and exciting life. As a numerologist, I know you have the power to create the life you’ve always wanted. I’ve seen it in every chart I have ever done. You are no exception.

We were all born to succeed, and we all deserve to succeed. By creating a fulfilling life, we are making it easier for others to be successful, too. I know this is not the mindset most of us grew up with. We were taught to do what we were told, to conform to the wishes of others, to settle for less.

But we are in a new time now where the old paradigms no longer serve us. We are realizing that true success is in knowing who we are and following our purpose. Steve Jobs summed it up as well as anyone: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”*

Now, more than ever, it’s time to look inside for answers. A positive step in that direction might be to take a look at my book, “You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology,” and decide for yourself whether it can help you. You can sample it by clicking the “Select Authors” image on the right. The book will show you how numerology works and teach you how to use numerology to discover your hidden powers of creation. It will show you how to help your children grow up to fulfill their purpose and make the world a better place just by being themselves.

Each of us is in charge of his/her life. You are the power behind your success. You deserve the best. Once you decide to be true to yourself, you will attract all the help you need to create the life you’ve always wanted.

So, what makes you happy? What are you waiting for?


Live your purpose every day.

Numerology – Pinnacles of Success

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I thought it would be nice to talk about the components of a Chaldean Soul Chart to give you more of a feel for what it’s all about.

The definition of “pinnacle” on Dictionary.com is:

1. a lofty peak.

2. the highest or culminating point, as of success, power, fame, etc.: the pinnacle of one’s career.

3. any pointed, towering part or formation, as of rock.

Synonyms: peak – top – summit – acme – apex – vertex – zenith.

A pinnacle represents the highest you can go. You can’t go any higher. It’s the top of the mountain. It is reached by putting forth effort, taking action, having commitment, determination, discipline, inspiration, vision, and purpose.

That’s exactly what a pinnacle in numerology is, except it’s about reaching the pinnacle of personal achievement according to your life plan (which could include mountain climbing). It sounds like a lot of hard work; however, on one level it takes no effort at all, just the ability to trust yourself and follow your instincts. After that, it’s inspired action.

Pinnacles appear in the “Cycles” section of your Chaldean Soul Chart and represent periods in which you attract certain types of experience. There are 4 cycles. The duration of the first cycle varies according to your birth date, the 2nd and 3rd are each 9 years long, and the 4th and final one lasts for the remainder of life. Your age determines the pinnacle you are experiencing now.

These periods can be compared to paths up the slopes of your personal mountain. During these periods, you attract the specific kind of experiences that will help you fulfill your purpose. It’s not a matter of being forced. On the contrary, if you follow your path it seems to unfold automatically, effortlessly. You experience freedom and you open yourself to new possibilities.

Following your pinnacles is like being encouraged in a certain direction with no limitations. Your pinnacles guide you on a journey that gradually and safely unfolds your talents and capabilities. It’s resistance that produces struggle and uncertainty.

You always have a choice whether to take this journey or not. The great thing is that, on a soul level, you designed this plan to fit your every need . It can be an exciting journey if you allow your heart to open to its adventures.

Next are brief interpretations of the 12 pinnacles, 4 of which are present in your life plan. Details of the way they are expressed in your plan would depend on the numbers in your core qualities. Can you recognize your pinnacles?

In a 1 pinnacle you are engaged in activities that make you stand out from the crowd. The number 1 brings opportunities to promote new ideas and new ways of doing anything, depending on your core qualities. You are ahead of the pack. You are literally the “1” who is pioneering a new way.

During a 2 pinnacle, you are drawn to team activities and attract experiences involving cooperation and partnerships. You are able to see both sides of a situation, and may be involved in diplomacy. Many people make good marriages during a 2 pinnacle. Intuition is magnified, and you are sensitive to the needs of others.

A 3 pinnacle involves self expression. It can manifest in a variety of ways; through the visual arts, music, dancing, singing, and acting, or through speaking and writing. It can manifest on various levels, from taking lessons for fun to refining your talents on a professional level. Entertainment is important now whether it’s used as a business enhancer or it’s purely social.

Building is the chief influence during a 4 pinnacle, from creating more efficient systems to building skyscrapers. Experiences involving detail, discipline, orderliness, and step-by-step progression enhance your life plan and enable you to flourish. You are building a firm foundation for the future.

During a 5 pinnacle your experiences center around freedom and activity. You experience change (sometimes unexpected), adventure, travel, and expansion. It’s time to let go of the old and welcome the new. You need to be adaptable and flexible to adjust to new situations.

The 6 pinnacle brings experiences involving relationships in the home, the family, and the community. It features responsibility, balance, and helping others. Some people get married or divorced in this cycle. Your experiences focus on creativity, the arts, or healing. Your home is important as a place of refuge and a welcoming environment for family and friends.

During a 7 pinnacle, you experience a desire to find the truth beneath the surface – to solve the mystery behind the question. You are introspective. It’s a good time for  spiritual housecleaning. You may be studying, probing the unknown, becoming an expert in your field. You enjoy being alone and need time to yourself to unwind at the end of each day.

The 8 pinnacle is about the physical world; leadership, power, possessions, and money. Your experiences will develop your talent for organization and management. You may receive a promotion at work. You may be responsible for other people’s money and possessions. Your experiences will involve responsibility, action, and accomplishment. You are the leader of the pack.

The 9 pinnacle involves humanitarian activities. You love people and welcome all types into your circle. Your experiences could include inventing a life-saving product, entering or expanding a healing practice, developing or joining a world-wide service organization, or volunteering in a local service organization. In any case, your circle of friends and associates widens during this cycle.

In the 11 pinnacle you are inspired to go beyond conventional limits. Independence, excitement, and innovation are featured. It’s a period of high energy. Activities can be focused on the physical or spiritual realms. On the physical plane, electrical innovations in science and engineering, or air-related activities such as aviation or weather could be featured; spiritually, metaphysical studies and teaching, psychic reading, positive psychology, or spiritual psychology might be the focus. Whatever the focus, the emphasis is on inspiration and new approaches.

While the 11 pinnacle focuses on the dream, the 22 pinnacle creates practical ways to make the dream come true. This is a time of building and accomplishment on a large scale. This period can also involve international diplomacy, depending on the numbers of your core qualities. You might be working on a project in your home town that affects other countries. Or you could become a world traveler as a diplomat, or providing basic services to third-world cultures.

The 33 pinnacle is a period of communication on a large scale. You might have opportunities to work in national or international media, you may enter politics, or you may be the one in your neighborhood whom everyone comes to for comfort, solace, and good entertainment. The emphasis is on nurturing, which could also manifest in activities such as any of the arts, performing, or the healing arts.

Your pinnacles provide a picture of your past, present, and future. The benefit of looking at your past gives you the opportunity to learn from it and to consciously bring its strength into the present with you. Of course, your present moment is the most important one in your life. And the ability to see your future gives you the opportunity to prepare for it.

Your opportunity, should you decide to accept it, is to enjoy the ride. Your cycles benefit you if you act within them. Think of pinnacles as recipes. All the ingredients are present, but you have to put them together and cook them to get the desired result.

Live your purpose every day.

What is Success?

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It’s more than your job or profession. There is inner success and outer success. Where you have inner success, your life reflects outer success. And vice versa.

You were born to succeed, no matter what. You set yourself up for success before you were born by designing your perfect life plan. You don’t have to be a high-powered sales genius, billionaire, an entrepreneur, or live a fast-paced, over-the-top, public life to be a success. You just need to be true to yourself.

If your life is somehow out of balance, not going well for you, if you are feeling empty inside, tired all the time, or unfulfilled it’s because you are running your life by someone else’s standards. It’s not your fault, and it’s not their fault. It’s part of cultural programming, and you can learn to change it.

You were meant to be the sole judge of whether you are a success or not. Only you know whether you are being true to yourself. Your feelings will tell you.

Start noticing what is happening in your body as you go about your day. When you walk out the door on your way to work, how is your stomach feeling? Is it tight or relaxed? How about your shoulders – relaxed or tight? Are you looking forward to your day or just hoping to cope?

How about the people in your life? What is happening in your body when you are with your spouse, your children, your friends and associates?

Suddenly becoming aware of your feelings can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to do anything about the feelings you notice. At first, just notice the feelings and sensations and whether they are negative or positive.

Obviously, the negative feelings are telling you that you need to make some changes. And the changes need to be made within you before appropriate outer changes can show up.

For example, perhaps you hate your job. An inappropriate outer change might be to immediately quit. However, quitting immediately could be appropriate if your working conditions are unsafe. You get the picture.

The same is true when resolving situations with people in your life. First, look within. What is your part in the situation? Again, it’s not your fault, it’s misunderstanding. Conflict means it’s time to learn.

In extreme cases, you’ll need to take immediate action. For example, if you are an abuser, get help now. Your life is precious. Don’t waste another minute of it abusing. If you are the abused, get out now. Then get help to clear abuse from your life.

For most of us, the circumstances are not so extreme. The key to resolving conflict in relationships is to first ask yourself what you have to learn from it. You are playing a role in the conflict even if you perceive yourself as the victim. Be kind to yourself and suspend judgment as you seek the answers you already have within.

Pay attention to the positive feelings you have, as well. Pat yourself on the back for all the joyful and fulfilling feelings in your life. You have created the circumstances that bring them to you.

You can make room for more good feelings in your life. For example, you may not like your job, but there are other things you enjoy doing or that you’re good at. You could take the time to pursue them. By honoring your good feelings, you are creating more possibilities.

Maybe you have a yearning to do something you haven’t even considered because it seems impossible. If you are yearning for something it’s a good indication that it has something to do with your life purpose.

You are in charge of your life. You can take control of it by taking responsibility for it. You have the power to change your life by changing yourself. Seek help when you need it. Help is everywhere.

I just read this over, and I think it might sound glib – like it’s the easiest thing in the world to be yourself. It’s not, and you have to work at it. Believe, me, I know. I’m sharing with you some things I’ve learned, and I’m still learning.

It’s part of everyone’s purpose to learn to live according to their own values and standards and to follow their own path. The rewards are beyond anything I could describe to you. So I hope you try it. You will like it.


Live your purpose every day.

This article is copyrighted by Nancy Fairbrother. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Nancy Fairbrother is strictly prohibited.

Fears about Numerology

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I realize that the idea of using numerology creates fear and suspicion in many people. After all, there’s been a great deal of bad press about occult science for centuries. It takes a leap of faith to consider using one of these sciences as a tool for self help.

Some people fear numerology will control them; tell them what to do. Numerology does not dictate anything. Numerology is a source of information, like your computer. It’s a powerful tool for exploration. You are the judge of the value of the information you receive. You can accept or reject it, just like anything else.

Perhaps this article will shed light and help allay some fears.

I go on and on about life purpose because the most important thing anyone can do is live their purpose, and I love to help people live their purpose.

But first you have to find it. You already know what your purpose is because it’s all organized and ready to go in your innermost mind – the mind of your spirit. You know by now that I go on and on about numerology. That’s because this ancient science enables you to discover your life plan quickly and easily. However, numerology is not the be-all and end-all of life. It’s just a fabulous tool to help you live your best life.

There are other ways to discover your purpose. One way is to pay attention to your feelings. Notice the way you feel when you are engaged in certain activities. Are they satisfying, do they make you happy, proud of your accomplishments? Chances are these activities are expressions of your life purpose. Are certain activities frustrating, a waste of time, boring? Your feelings may be telling you that these activities are not a part of your purpose, or they could be telling you something about the challenges that are a part of your life plan.

But life purpose is about more than what you do. It’s also about who you are; your core values and standards; those characteristics that make up your personality; your dreams,  desires, and feelings. You can be successful by simply learning to follow your feelings because your feelings are directly connected to your life plan.

Most people don’t pay much attention to their feelings. They go through life overriding their feelings because of certain ideas and beliefs. But feelings are the most important gage we have to direct us along our personal path to fulfillment. It can be tricky learning to discern true feelings from surface emotions, but that’s another subject.

When you calculate your Chaldean Soul Chart, your feelings will tell you whether it’s accurate or not. The interpretations will be confirmation of feelings you’ve had all your life – or they won’t. If you are using the name on your birth certificate, you will feel as if you’ve come home. If you can’t identify with the information you receive, you may not be using your name at birth.

Once you discover your purpose, you will likely need help implementing certain changes. You will find exactly the help you need at exactly the right time because you are in charge of your spiritual growth.

Learning more about your purpose in life is a great adventure. An author, life coach, and colleague of mine, Jerry Lopper, has written an e-Book called “Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook,” that has an excellent module about life purpose in it, as well as dozens of exercises that can help you activate your life plan. Just follow the link: View at Amazon.

I hope this article has helped you. Leave a comment so I’ll know you’re out there.

And live your purpose every day.

Numerology in Everyday Life – Your Identity

A wink is a type of gesture.
A wink is a type of gesture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who are you? This might sound like a silly question. We have many identifying markers  in our lives – driver’s license, Social Security Number, PIN numbers, card numbers, logins, badges, security codes. These identifiers provide us access and permission to conduct the business of our lives. But they are not about who we are.

Your true identity lies within you; it is contained in the unique energetic patterning of your soul. You were born with it. You can think of it as your electro-magnetic soulprint, a spiritual version of your fingerprint. It is reflected in the way you perceive life – feelings and preferences that may have nothing to do with your family influences. Your soulprint is reflected in the way you move, your tone of voice, your interests, longings, and desires.

Do you hate math but love to paint or write? Are you fascinated with science, obsessed with athletics, dream of being an astronaut? Are you pursuing your dream? Or have you put it on the back burner?

Some people are in tune with their true identity. These are the ones who pursue their dreams and don’t give up until they have achieved their purpose. Most of us have very strong reasons to let our dreams go. We don’t understand how important we are. And we pay a high price for that.

In numerology, there is a number that is the key to your soul’s identity. It is your Life Purpose number, and it is contained in the letters of your birth name. All the other numbers in your numerology profile enhance your Life Purpose number. You have a life purpose, even if you think you don’t. The most fulfilling thing you can do is to live your purpose. You are here on earth to be fulfilled, to enjoy life, and to be successful. If you don’t feel fulfilled, if you’re not enjoying life, and if you don’t consider yourself successful, there is something you can do to change it.

Go to Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and download my book, “You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology,” where you will learn to create your Chaldean Soul Chart. It’s easy; just follow the directions, and you really can discover your purpose in less than an hour. You will be amazed and delighted when you discover your unique soulprint.

You can change your life by taking one step at a time to fulfill your purpose. You can be one of those smart, happy, successful people who love life and spread joy just by being themselves.

Please leave a comment so I know you’re out there. Doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. I would love to hear about your experience creating your Chaldean Soul Chart. And I’m always here to answer your questions.

Live your purpose every day.


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